House opposition parties signed yesterday, the 22nd, a joint statement of repudiation of statements made by President Jair Bolsonaro and ministers of state at the April 22 meeting. The text is signed by the PDT, PCdoB, PSOL, PSB, PT and Rede. The group reinforces Bolsonaro’s impeachment request, in addition to repudiating the note published by Augusto Heleno, chief minister of the Institutional Security Office (GSI), about possible seizure of the president’s cell phone.

“The ministerial meeting reveals the low level of the members of the current government. As barbarians, they throw the Republic into chaos, disrespect the laws, the institutions and ignore the Constitution”, they state in the note. For the opposition, the video “accelerates the institutional crisis, as it clearly reveals how Bolsonaro and his ministers despise Brazilian institutions and people”.

The parties opine in the text that the video undoes “any legitimacy” of the government and “indicates the attempted formation of militias in defense of an anti-national and anti-democratic project”.

“Bolsonaro’s impeachment process must be opened as soon as possible, for the removal of an incapable, irresponsible and harmful president to the country.” Congress has accumulated 35 impeachment requests from Bolsonaro – the last one was filed on Thursday (20).

In addition, for the opposition captions, Heleno’s “note to the Brazilian nation”, published with the president’s approval, is an “unacceptable” attack on the Federal Supreme Court. Yesterday, the minister released a text alerting authorities to “unpredictable consequences for national stability”, if Bolsonaro’s phone is handed over for analysis.

In the parties’ view, Heleno’s manifestations are “contrary to democratic precepts”. They also emphasize that “no authority is above the Constitution and the laws”.

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