The movements in the offices of the great teams in Europe are incessant. The coronavirus crisis has forced financial engineering in a sport in which clubs with a football section can give financial support to basketball sections that could be questioned starting next season. The Euroleague He had warned that he would not admit interference between the general budget of the club with that of the basketball section, in order to reduce the possible differences that may occur, but everything indicates that this crisis will postpone that measure, something that is being taken advantage of by the FC Barcelona.

The culé team has been folding for a long time against the merengue domain and the many bets made by management have met with failure in recent times. The incorporation of Nikola Mirotic It was the expected shock to give Madrid a moral blow and have one of the best in Europe, but the injury of Thomas Heurtel and the difficulty in finding a perfect gear in such a large template, had made the team not finish showing the expected mastery. The suspension of the Euroleague makes efforts focus on the Endesa League but, above all, on continuing to pull a wallet to complete a team that cannot afford failures like that of the Copa del Rey.

The firm possibility of recruiting Nick Calathes and making him the highest paid player in Europe along with the aforementioned Mirotic, clearly speaks of the financial muscle and the desire for success of the Catalan team. For his part, the Real Madrid is in charge of giving continuity to a winning project that still has bullets left. Felipe Reyes, Jaycee Carroll, Rudy Fernández and Edy Tavares they will continue for a year forming the hard core of a group that is already a family under the masterful baton of Pablo Laso, who does not give up incorporating new chips, such as Rokas Giedraitis.

Who is Rokas Giedraitis, possible substitute for Deck at Real Madrid?

06/01/2020 05:06

The Alba Berlin forward is the main candidate to reinforce the perimeter of the meringue team and could replace a Deck with one foot out.

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And it is that the name of Arturas Gudaitis to reinforce the interior game of Madrid. Hines’ arrival at Olimpia Milano opens the door for the Lithuanian center, with many suitors among whom Madrid stands out. It is also thought from the capital of Spain in Kostas Sloukas, as a solution to the possibility that the NBA I threw myself with everything for Facundo Campazzo, whose stellar performance has reached the ears of the leaders of the American league, who could make an effort to sign him. As if this were not enough, Madrid also plans to incorporate already Carlos Alocen, a great promise given at Zaragoza this season, but that could make the leap to the Merengue team. In short, a very interesting summer is coming in the offices.