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In the United States, there are some two million immigrants who came here with college degrees and professional experience and who are still unemployed, or unable to apply their knowledge and experience. In many cases, this is because they do not have access to the business world, nor do they know how to establish that contact to offer their skills and abilities. Upwardly Global, an allied organization of our Hispanic Federation, offers these people the tools and resources necessary to integrate into the workforce in their specialties, and thus achieve commensurate income.

“These days,” says Alejandra Diaz, Community Affairs Officer at Upwardly Global, “this reality is especially frustrating for healthcare professionals, as there are some 165,000 internationally-trained immigrants whose skills we are not using to combat COVID-19 “.

The mission of Upwardly Global – which has offices in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Washington, DC – is to remove the barriers to unemployment faced by immigrants and refugees with vocational training.

“For these people,” adds Alejandra Díaz, “the job search here in the United States is so different that it is always good to have help. Above all, so that they understand how to do a job interview, what questions to expect and how to answer them, how to apply for a new job, how to improve your resume and how to connect and talk to crucial people they do not know.

What the Upwardly Global Community Affairs Officer explains becomes clearer when it is taken into account that in the United States 60% of jobs are obtained not only by applying to companies or organizations but also by having contacts in them.

“Each person who enters our program”, adds Alejandra Díaz, “is connected with one or an employability consultant who gives them support during the process. We also give you access to resources that allow you to learn new talents, and support in connecting with potential employers. This means that those who have jobs to offer meet with job seekers for 10 to 20 minutes, long enough to get to know each other. This opportunity, which is offered 100% free, is very difficult to obtain for those who do not participate in our program ”.

For now, those meetings, as well as all interpersonal sessions in the program, are held remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alejandra Díaz says she is gratified by the remarkable participation of women in the program. “We have 45% men and 55% women, and most of them have Masters to PhDs.”

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-Frankie Miranda is the president of the Hispanic Federation