Opponent denounces that in Venezuela all rights are violated at the same time

The former Venezuelan opposition deputy Delsa Solorzano He stated this Wednesday that in Venezuela “all human rights are violated at the same time” and reiterated that crimes against humanity are committed that have been documented and handed over to international bodies.

During your participation in the virtual meeting “Status of human rights violations in VenezuelaSolórzano described as “terrible the crimes against humanity” that were handed over to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and that are in the process of being studied.

In the event, the former legislator represented nearly 200 victims who have presented their cases before the ICC, “ranging from murder to torture against a specific population and for specific reasons.”

He assured that “there are well-founded reasons to consider that crimes against humanity have been committed in Venezuela. At the same time, the Maduro regime is accused of drug trafficking and terrorism, that is, we are under the yoke of a military dictatorship, accused of drug trafficking and terrorism. “

In his opinion, the decision of the president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, to withdraw the lawsuit against Venezuela before the ICC, is “shameful” because “that violates the principles of any nation that has gone through a dictatorship such as Argentina” .

“It is part of the regime’s strategy to try to demonstrate that the crimes that have been committed in Venezuela are human rights violations and not crimes against humanity.”, he specified.

She was convinced that the withdrawal of the complaint by Fernández is not endorsed by Argentina, “a nation that has been the victim of a dictatorship and human rights violations; that does not represent the sentiment of that brotherly nation that has opened its arms to Venezuelans who have fled the dictatorship ”.

Argentina withdrew from the lawsuit that several countries filed with the ICC in 2018 to investigate alleged crimes against humanity in Venezuela, which has generated controversy between the Fernández government and the opposition in his country.

Although the decision of the Argentine Executive to dissociate itself from that judicial request dates back to last March, when it left the Lima Group – which does not know Nicolás Maduro and seeks solutions for the crisis that Venezuela is experiencing -, the fact transpired on May 27.

“On March 24, we officially announced our withdrawal from the Lima Group, and as a consequence of that, on March 25, we got off a complaint that we had made as the Lima Group, because we no longer belong to it.”Foreign Ministry sources explained to . the day the decision was made known.

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