OPPO X 2021 appears on video revealing its secrets

One of the mobiles that aspire to receive more looks this 2021 has seen its full appearance unveiled ahead of time: the mysterious OPPO X 2021 was analyzed in an extensive video. Screen that unfolds to turn the mobile into a tablet, interface adapted to the dimensions of both modes, roll-up OLED panel … The smartphone does not leave you indifferent.

The first time we came across a roll-up screen prototype, TCL showed it to us in early 2020 in a mockup where they experimented with new screen formats. LG anticipated months later a future ‘LG Rollable’ or rollable, OPPO also advanced its own proposal. Precisely, this Chinese brand is the one that has been ahead of everyone: the OPPO X 2021 not only exists, it also works impressively.

What do you need more screen? Wait for it to unwind

Allround PC Image

The idea behind these types of devices is that they can combine two platforms as different as the mobile phone and the tablet. In the same place, without sacrificing dimensions or weight and with an automatic technology that adapts to the user’s needs. What does a greater extension take to work with several applications at the same time? No problem: the mobile unfolds like a scroll.

The first analyzes of the supposed OPPO X 2021 come to us from various sources: Brandon Le Proktor has published on YouTube a first encounter with the phone, also Allround PC. In both the phone is appreciated in all its splendor, both rolled and unrolled. What’s more, we can check how smooth the automatic extension mechanism that OPPO has installed in the phone is showing.

The OPPO X 2021 uses an internal retractable mechanism that allows the flexible screen to unfold and roll it up thanks to an anchoring system and two motors. The result is a phone concept that promises to leverage flex panel technology to maximize device usage. All with an aluminum construction for the body of the mobile, with triple rear camera, surely with a high-power processor (there is no doubt that the OPPO X 2021 is a ‘premium’ range) and with the pertinent durability doubts presented by its most fragile component: the screen.

We still don’t know when the OPPO X 2021 will finally be presented. Given the videos, the phone is not only finished in terms of design and unfolding mechanism, it is also fully functional. Most likely, OPPO will reveal it in the coming weeks.

Via | XDA Developers