OPPO shows in video its wireless charging system without contact ‘Wireless Air Charging’

Wireless charging has been with us for quite some time, although this year we are seeing the proposals of many companies in its evolution: contactless wireless charging. Motorola and Xiaomi, and now it’s the turn of OPPO, which has shown its remote wireless charging in a video.

The demonstration of the latest technology in contactless wireless charging It comes from the OPPO X 2021 roller. On this occasion at the moment we do not have many details about its specifications, beyond that it charges the mobile from at least a few centimeters away.

Contactless charging on the rolling mobile

OPPO has made a 2×1 offer in its technological presentation at the MWC in Shanghai, with a video where we can see both the mobile with a roll-up screen (that is, it extends), along with a new contactless wireless charging technology.

OPPO has christened this technology as Wireless Air Charging And, although we do not yet have the details about its load capacities or limitations, in the video we can see how the terminal continues to load when lifting it from the surface, at least around 20 centimeters.

In a tweet, the company adds the detail that the terminal can continue to load with a tilt on the loading surface – that is, it does not need to be flat – adding that it has adaptive technology « to automate and improve loading efficiency ». At the moment, no more details about OPPO’s Wireless Air Charging have been released.

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