Oppo imagines the future and shows a smartphone that rolls up, AR lenses and a navigation program

Oppo Inno Day 2020 showed us some of the company’s plans for the future with three interesting concepts that could become real.

Oppo is a brand that little by little has been gaining position and popularity among users in Latin America.

For many it may sound like a signature with a somewhat foreign proposal. But in Asia they are very big and there they just celebrated the Oppo Inno Day 2020. Where they showed us their vision of the future.

In this event, the conceptual proposals of three technological advances that we could see materialized very soon were broadly shown. Here’s the count.

A smartphone that rolls up, AR glasses and a program to navigate

The first thing we saw was the concept of the Oppo X 2021 roll-up phone. The device was shown with an OLED screen of 6.7 inches.

But with a flick on the side fingerprint scanner, he manages to unroll the screen to reach 7.4 inches.

The great supposed advantage of this type of design already filtered before is that with this mechanism the screen would never bend and wrinkle as it happens with current generation terminals.

Then followed the AR Glass 2 lenses, their own name as it indicates they focus on Augmented Reality and are successors to an already existing product.

These lenses are 75% thinner and lighter than the original model. The redesigned headset still offers mixed reality and augmented reality features.

The fisheye camera, standard RGB camera and 3D ToF sensor are still present. With what they would be aiming to achieve the most robust and precise AR experience.

And to close they showed the concept of their app CybeReal AR. Where an improved navigation with AR similar to that of Google Maps would be integrated.

Using GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity functions and even SLAM algorithms, the camera would become the best companion in this type of experience.

All we saw were mere concepts, although there is ample evidence that they are very serious about developing these ideas.