OPINION The covid-19 pandemic further highlights the importance of the media

The importance of the media became more apparent during the CoronavirusGuillermo López García, director of the Department of Language Theory and Communication Sciences at the University of Valencia, told Sputnik.

The specialist participated on Thursday in an expert debate called ‘Media in the new reality and training of future journalists’, which took place within the framework of the Gaidar Forum held on January 14 and 15.

« A very clear effect is that it has been evidenced throughout the world that the media are still very important, because in the end those who interpreted and gave the information (during the pandemic) were still the media, » said López García in statements to this agency after the forum, asked about the impact of the pandemic Coronavirus in journalism.

Meanwhile, social networks served more to communicate with other people and not feel alone during this crisis, but they also used them to spread false news, the expert stressed.

He expressed his conviction that the media were not as important as during the crisis caused by the spread of the Coronavirus, but at the same time they also did not lose as much money as during the pandemic, since they live from advertising, which has plummeted along with economic activity.

However, despite all the difficulties they have had to survive to date, the media have claimed their role and influence to some extent, said the specialist.

In particular, with regard to the ability to give a broader view of events during the pandemic and warn about falsehoods about them, López García said.

In this context, he expressed his hope that people throughout the world have realized more than before that the media is still important.

He added that users of social networks should not obtain information only through them and ignore the media, because that gives them a plural vision, but sometimes also misleading.

« The vision that comes directly to you from social networks is very good, but it will also be necessary to incorporate at least some media in that menu of information, » said the expert.

Source: Sputnik

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