OPINION: Sue Trump for ‘instigating dangerous assault on Capitol’

For the first time, Donald Trump went beyond his Mar-a-Lago golf course, to a rally to celebrate President’s Day and the acquittal in his second impeachment, thanks to the obstruction of 43 Republican senators who, ignoring The irrefutable and overwhelming evidence against the former president, presented by the Lower House prosecutors, prevented his punishment.

Although long awaited, the decision, which emboldens Trump, as it did after the first Impeachment, led President Joe Biden to urge all Americans to “remain vigilant in this sad chapter of history, to defend the now fragile democracy of the United States. “Who survived and recovered from multiple coup attempts, by the fury of Trump, humiliatingly defeated.

And he is right. We all know that rooted in the base of what was the Lincoln Party, Trump will try to generate tension and chaos, with the support of extremist forces that will take advantage of any circumstance to divide and confront.

Trying to avoid it, two weeks ago, Benni Thompson, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, filed a lawsuit in a Federal Court in Washington, charging former President Trump, his former lawyer Rudy Giuliani and the extremist groups Oath Keepers and Proud Boys. of domestic terrorism, who tried to obstruct the process of certifying the triumph of President Joe Biden.

The lawsuit accuses Trump and Giuliani of lying about the alleged “theft of the election”, which 80 courts rejected for lack of evidence, inciting sedition, in violation of the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871, promulgated after the Civil War, to prohibit and punish violent interference in the Constitutional work of Congress.

That legislation helped weaken the KKK and groups that, terrorizing black voters and looting elected legislators, tried to elect a Congress that would reinstate Confederate states.

“Trump gleefully supported violent white supremacist groups, instigated the assault on the Capitol, seriously endangered the lives of more than 500 lawmakers and Vice President Mike Pence, and encouraged future authoritarianism,” said Congressman Thompson.

He added that “while the Republican majority abdicated its responsibility to punish the former president, legislators and legal advocacy groups seek that Trump, Giuliani, the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys pay for the crimes of sedition and eventually treason they incurred.

Nancy Pelosi, president of the Lower House, announced that next week a bipartisan commission, similar to that of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, will be created to fully investigate the insurrection and the assault on the Capitol, to punish those responsible.

Patrick Derrick, president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, joined the lawsuit, saying that “Donald Trump tried to destroy the nation and must be punished.”

“American citizens beat and murdered our own police, when they stormed the Capitol, looking for Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Mike Pence, fueled by lies and false statements, conspiracy theories of the most powerful man in the world,” he said in the full Senate the leader Mitch Mc Connell, after distorting the arguments of Republican senators in the service of Trump and the legal defense of the former president.

In a sick obsession to “defend” Trump, Republican Sen. Rob Johnson of Wisconsin tried to minimize the deadly assault on the Capitol, which left 6 dead, more than 70 police officers injured, and trauma and outrage in all legislators and employees.

“This didn’t look like an armed insurrection to me,” Johnson told WISN radio station.

Two women photographed during a demonstration

Two women pictured during a demonstration by the Proud Boys and other extreme right-wing groups in Portland, Oregon, on Sept. 26, 2020. (AP Photo / John Locher, File)


Johnson says it “is a mistake to describe the group as armed” and accused the Democrats of “selectively editing videos to exaggerate the threat posed by the horde of savage Trump supporters, apparently coordinated by” Oath Keepers “militiamen who were Weapons, explosives and ammunition were seized in large quantities.

Trump called the Impeachment “another phase of the witch hunt in this country”, as it tries to discredit well-founded attempts to punish their abuses and accuses the Democrats, of “being the only party”, that “gives a free pass “To” denigrate the rule of law, defame the police, “praise mobs”, justify those who participate in riots and transform justice into a tool of political revenge “, precisely what he did in his administration.

Trump is the only president in history, brought to “Impeachment” twice and pardoned by Republicans. He boasts of having obtained 74 million 200 thousand votes, the largest number of votes in the campaign for the reelection of a president in history, which allows him, if he wants, to run again for the presidency in 2024 at the age of 78. old.

But those prospects will not be easy.

Although Trump optimistically told his followers that “his historic movement to make America great is just beginning, and that he will soon have a lot of information to share” and that he will “continue to advance the fight to achieve American greatness,” reality could lead to face multiple challenges that prevent you from doing so.

First, the Republican party is deeply divided, on the one hand there are the traditional militants of that party, and on the other there is the fraction of the so-called Tea Party, the most extreme and radical wing, supported by nationalist and white supremacist groups, militias and terrorists. domestic workers who participated in the assault on the Capitol and who want to “rebuild the party around Trump.

On the other side is the “establishment”, apparently headed by Mitch Mc Connell, which seeks to break ties with the former president, to rebuild the party, return to its ideological platform and regain the trust and prestige that they lost in the last 4 years.

Anti-Trump Republicans have leaked information to the effect that the “Impeachment pardon” is not Trump’s final path and pointed to an FBI investigation in the Georgia case, where Trump is accused of wanting to influence the election and where Trump He called Brad Raffensperger by phone to threaten him and demand that he give him more than 11,000 votes in his favor, to reverse the election result.

In addition, the former president called a Cobb County elections investigator, asking him to “find electoral fraud” and that “as a reward, he would make him a national hero.”

Trump also faces criminal investigations into his interference in the electoral process in Pennsylvania, New York and the District of Columbia, thus far.

And his other danger is found in the return to normal life, where he is most vulnerable, without the immunity, resources and considerations that he had as president; without the agencies he relied on, nor the same instruments, personnel and dissemination that his attacks had, without Twitter accounts, Facebook, which he used to spread his inflammatory rhetoric. Trump will soon face a veritable tsunami of investigations, criminal lawsuits and legal actions against him, which threaten his economic, political and eventually, even his freedom, which could well mark the end of Trumpism.

After leaving power, Trump faces a fall in income between 40% and 60% in his properties due to Covid19, despite the channeling of millions of dollars he made, from the Payroll Protection Program, as well as to companies of your children, family and friends.

The maturity of debts for more than 421 million dollars, according to the NYTimes newspaper, of which it must pay 340 million to Deutsche Bank.

You already see the effects of the breaking of contracts and cancellation of corporate alliances, as a result of his speech on January 6.

Criminal investigations and prosecutions include investigations in the state of New York, on possible violation of insurance laws, insurance fraud, tax fraud and other fraud schemes, by providing information magnifying your fortune, applying for loans or minimizing it to pay or evade taxes, you must file your Tax returns, which could contain important information about the origin of your income, as well as lawsuits for sexual assault on women, defamation lawsuits, violation of campaign finance law, payable in cash the silence of two of her lovers.

But not only him. Ivanka Trump also faces investigations for possible mismanagement and inflated rates at the Trump Hotel in Washington, during the inauguration ceremony of her father, whose origin and management of resources is also being investigated.