Today we all got out of bed with some statements from Srdjan, the dad of Novak Djokovic, in which he sends a little message to Roger Federer in its particular pull and -never- loosens. It is one of the already several somewhat unfortunate statements of the Balkan in recent times, always on the offensive when it comes to talking about the Swiss tennis player to praise his firstborn.

“It is a reality that Roger will not end up being the best in history, that is why he cultivates so much enmity towards my son. (…) Why would a 40-year-old man continue to play? He does it because he cannot bear that my Son and Rafa (Nadal) will be better than him. Go raise your children, ski, do interesting things. Your time has passed, “Srdjan told Serbian television. These words did not take long to run like wildfire and all tennis fans have commented on it.

This that Srdjan says is related to what he said four years ago, when he asked himself what Federer was doing playing even if he was 34 years old (back then). It is still a wish on his part, that Roger take a step to the side so that both his son and Nadal can have more options to add big in the fight for being the best tennis player of all time. With Federer out of the equation, everything would be easier for his son, who would have one less strong opponent in that battle for GOAT.

Often, it is said that Novak does not receive the same affection from the public when he plays in different tournaments. It is something that the Serbian has to suffer in the first person, seeing as in almost any stadium, when facing Federer, for example, 90% of the crowd encourages the Swiss, instead of him. Her parents have spoken about this on more than one occasion. The truth is that, beyond colors, flags or names, people do not like to read certain types of comments and those of Srdjan, from yesterday, are not going to help change this.

Nole has the enemy at home. The current world number 1 has always been very respectful and polite with his two biggest rivals. Without going any further, yesterday he said of the Swiss that “you can expect anything from him because he is the greatest tennis player who has ever wielded a racket.” His parents seem to go it alone, always leaving a somewhat unfortunate comment that does not help their son too much.

Srdjan’s words put stones on the roof of his son, even if he was the one who expelled them from his mouth. Roger Federer is a symbol of this sport, with millions of fans across the globe. He has won to do what he wants. As if you want to play with 40, 45 or 50 years. He is the current number 4 in the world and was only one point away from winning the 2019 Wimbledon final. Why would he have to retire? No one should tell someone when to leave something that is still successful.

Srdjan has a lot to learn from his son and he doesn’t realize that this type of comments all he does is harm him for the future. People’s affection is earned on the track, but also off the track. Federer has been the tennis player most voted by the fans for 17 years in a row and for that alone, the minimum is to show the respect that something like this deserves. I think, Mr Srdjan, that it has been a long time before you continue to accumulate that anger created years ago. Don’t forget that phrase that says anger is an acid that can do more damage to the container it’s stored in than anything else it’s poured on.