The tranquility returned to the residents of the 42nd street of the Capotillo sector, of the capital, after the intervention of the National Police, as a result of a group apparently linked to an alleged drug trafficker who was arrested, they will carry out a shooting with intent to intimidate the authorities.

The police personnel who participated in the interventions left in trucks with the detainees and the objects occupied towards the C2 police station in the María Auxiliadora, which functions as the base of operation for 18 sectors in the upper part of the capital. The operation was carried out in motorized units, in corridors (vans) and on foot patrol by agents of the (Dicrim), Anti-narcotics (Dican), Topo unit of the Police and the SWAT team.

Police tactical units with long and short weapons were stationed in strategic places on the aforementioned street where there is a high crime rate.

According to residents there, it is customary for gangs dedicated to the sale of drugs to intimidate the authorities to prevent them from carrying out operations.

The operation began after 6:00 in the morning after an intense shooting occurred on Thursday by people responding to anti-drug agents.

José Pablo Montero said that the operations are fine, but that they should be directed at criminals, after noting that in the operation, workers were arrested who went out to find their livelihood.

The owner of a grocery store in the surroundings of the area said that these operations are not frequent and congratulated the Police for the intervention, since in his opinion he appeased the criminals who in recent days have committed assaults and robberies. During the tour, it was possible to observe police officers with a mandarin in their hands, moments when the residents of 42nd Street were on the street.

Some with masks and gloves spoke about what happened in the area, while others threatened a photographer from this newspaper saying that they could break his camera if he continued taking photos. They reminded him that he was at 42 in Capotillo.

Drugs and weapons.

According to the police spokesman, various types of drugs and firearms were used during the operation.


An armed group, apparently linked to a detainee, carried out a shootout to intimidate the authorities.

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