Operation Baluarte: 240 soldiers participate in Andalusia in aid tasks to stop the coronavirus

A total of 240 soldiers are part of Operation Baluarte, aimed at supporting the Andalusian community in the fight against coronavirus. Further, another 120 soldiers are waiting to join the help tasks in the near future.

The military who participate in these activities receive specific training on the disease, inform about the obligation to isolate new cases and contact those who have been in direct contact with positives to inform them of the need to carry out the relevant test and to quarantine themselves to stop the transmission line of the disease.

This tracking system, which was launched on September 30 and in which they are activated 2,036 military trackers throughout the national territory It is, after Operation Balmis, the second one activated by the Ministry of Defense in the face of the health crisis.

Operation Baluarte

The delegate of the Government of Spain in Andalusia, Sandra García, has visited this Monday in Cerro Muriano (Córdoba), the Brigade ‘Guzmán el Bueno’ X, whose troops are part of the group of 240 soldiers currently participating in Andalusia in the Operation Baluarte, a mission designed and planned by the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defense to support the autonomous communities in the fight against the spread of the virus.

In a note, García recalled that «the Junta de Andalucía requested 360 troops, of which 240 have activated so far, so 120 soldiers are ready and waiting that the Andalusian Government indicates when it wants them to join the task.

García thanked all the components of the Army “for the work carried out and permanent disposition in the fight against Covid-19.” The ‘Guzmán el Bueno’ X Brigade was already present, during Operation Balmis, in all the towns of the provinces of Córdoba and Jaén.

During the visit, the delegate was accompanied by Lieutenant General José Rodríguez García, Chief General of the Land Force, based in Seville, a unit that directs, through the Terrestrial Component Command, the participation of the Army in Operation Baluarte in the peninsula, with the exception of the community of Murcia. The Navy, the Air Force and the Land Army participate in this mission under the direction of the latter.