In something that Opera called basically an experiment, the alternative browser was showing ads on the Netflix website for some of its users. The interesting thing here is that advertising is from one of Netflix’s biggest new rivals: Disney +.

The other cool thing is the way the ads are showing, like overlays just above the Netflix interface in an unobtrusive way and that we can call questionable. Opera says this was a limited test and has already been stopped, but not without causing annoyance and outrage to its users.

Intrusive ads in a browser that comes with adblocker

There are quite a few complaints that we can find on Twitter of the last days about these ads that Opera users began to see when entering Netflix from the browser. And it is located in a fairly large sector in the upper left corner of the screen.

look what my browser #opera just did when I tried to open #netflix …. a #DisneyPlus ad appeared …

– Michail Ostrowski (@ schifty1988) March 25, 2020

Whoa @opera … WTF is this? Are you inserting an ad for Disney + on top of my Netflix login screen? That’s really not ok.

– Aram Zucker-Scharff (@Chronotope) March 28, 2020

Disney + ads pop up in the top left in Opera now automatically if you open XD

(in before everyone goes crazy at me for using a different browser from them)

– pika³ (@pikathree) March 28, 2020

According to this user who shows a screenshot on Android, things are even worse in the mobile version of Opera. The ad covers more than half of the screen.

This also happens on Opera for Android.

– Bradley Farless (@ BradleyF81) March 29, 2020

We can’t help but think about the double standards this means, especially since Opera is a browser that boasts of having an integrated ad blocker, but at the same time try to do business with advertising and resorting to practices like this.

It is one thing to show ads on the home page, something that Opera is also doing with Disney + inserting ads on the new tab page, a space of its own, and quite another is basically hijack a segment of a foreign website like Netflix to show advertising, which incidentally is a direct rival.

Hey @opera Bros, how many times do I have to decline the pop-up ads in your Browser for Disney + before I stop receiving them?

– Bradley Farless (@ BradleyF81) March 29, 2020

if I see another Disney banner appear on my starting page, I change the browser!

– minodesign (@minodesign) March 25, 2020

@opera guys, inlove your mobile browser and i recommend it to my friends, but these enforced Disney channel overlays could change that very quickly.

– Michael Gray (@ Mikes005) March 29, 2020

Is anyone using the browser opera? Mine seems to have started spamming me with with suggesting I join Disney + – I thought these people were able to see what what I am actually interested in. I would like not to see these ads every time I open a new tab. Any ideas?

– Elizabeth Hilliard (@sothisisliz) March 25, 2020

Goddammit Opera, I already told you no!

– Red Rachel (@RachRua) March 26, 2020

Er … Screw this … @opera just advertised disney + in my new tab page … Even if I wanted the service … NO! Very bad.

Between this, it’s still adding back tiles that are clearly advertising … and no ability to default startpage … i’m done. What an awful experience.

– Eliot Cole (@cole_eliot) March 26, 2020

@opera Why are you dropping Disney shite onto my speed dial? Will you please stop that?

– Glenn Coutts #SupportAlexSalmond #ClearOutTheCabal (@GlennCoutts) March 25, 2020

The complaints on Twitter were enough, but they stopped about three days ago. Experiment or not, Opera angered more than one user with this. Interestingly, the people of Vivaldi and the fans of Brave wasted no time in entering more than one of these tweets to take advantage and stand as alternatives.

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         Opera has been showing some users Disney + advertising on top of the Netflix website