Opera adds Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music to its sidebar

Opera has been, is, and will likely continue to be one of the most innovative browsers on the market. And this is not a statement based on specific actions at a specific time, no. I have thought for years Opera is, to web browsers, those that the Pixies to the world of music: unknown to a large part of the general public but a clear and undeniable influence for many of the bands that, inspired by them, have achieved success. To give just one example, Opera was the first web browser, the first, to have tabs, the rest followed suit.

A very important element of Opera GX, a special edition of its browser for gamers, which continues to grow in both users and functions, is its sidebar, which provides access to multiple functions related to websites and related services. However, the sidebar is not the exclusive heritage of the GX version and, as proof of this, today we receive a new update to Opera that adds a music player in the sidebar.

A very interesting aspect of this player, and that we can read on the browser’s website, is that it is not a player with which you can listen to the music you have on your PC, something for which users already have their applications reference. What this new function enables is set up Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music accounts, three services that are commonly accessed directly from the browser and, therefore, translate into one more open tab.

The function, as you can see in the image, is shown just under the section dedicated to messaging services and, by clicking on its icon, a first selector will be displayed with the three services. Obviously, it is necessary to log in to them, just like you would on the web or in their respective clients. What Opera offers with this feature is faster and more convenient access to services. And that for people who, like me, can have many tabs open simultaneously, it is better important in comfort.

Opera adds Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music to its sidebar

After trying it for a few minutes, something that I liked is that it is possible to have several services configured, and you can switch between them quickly with an element (a little small, though, at first it took me a couple of minutes to find it). Since, in reality, the player uses the web access of the services and, therefore, saves the relevant cookies, the sessions remain started even if you restart the browser and the PC.

My habit, and I know it is quite common, is to listen to music while I carry out many of the tasks that I usually do with the computer, and although both Apple Music and Spotify have clients for Windows and MacOS, I have had a client for years. the habit of accessing them through the browser. So this new feature in Opera makes this browser even more enjoyable. And look, I already liked it a lot before.