WWE has a lot to do as the PPV SummerSlam approaches. Where the opening segment for next week’s WWE RAW has already been confirmed and could have some bearing on the biggest event of the summer.

The new fight for the WWE champion begins the other week, because although Dolph Ziggler this time will not fight for the title. Drew will be able to choose a stipulation and would have a big surprise for the Show Off.

Opening segment for WWE RAW

WWE revealed the segment that would kick off the show, where Randy Orton will say who his next target will be. Among the rumors is that The Viper would have a WWE title shot at SummerSlam. Since everything pointed to a possible meeting between the two superstars.

Who will The Viper look to attack next? We’ll find out at the start of Raw this Monday night when Randy Orton kicks off the show by announcing his next goal.

The Legend Killer has been in an absolute tear for the past few weeks. First, he took down Edge in The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever on WWE Backlash, then ruthlessly eliminated Christian in an unauthorized Match the following night.

Randy Orton will have another fight against Edge at WrestleMania. Where it seems that your future is already planned. Where if the bout were to take place McIntyre will certainly fight to defend his title. The Scotsman has not been able to defend his title against fans but we will have to see what happens to it since WWE becomes more unpredictable every day.

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