He American dollar It is paid at 05:00 a.m. $ 0.92, a slight 0.03% difference with the previous session.

In relation to the profitability of the last week, the American dollar marks a decline in 0.09%; on the contrary, in the last year it has still accumulated a rise in 3.28%. As for the changes of this day compared to previous days, the meaning of the previous data changes, in which it marked a decrease of 0.14%, demonstrating that it is unable to consolidate a trend lately. In the last week the volatility is 8.12%, which is a figure clearly higher than the annual volatility data (5.98%), therefore it presents greater changes than the general trend of the value.

In the annual photo, the American dollar it has been paid at a maximum of $ 0.94, while its lowest level has been $ 0.87. He American dollar it is positioned closer to its maximum than its minimum.

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