Sky and Comcast customers are expected to make better use of their advertising investments with this tool.

The company has been developing this technology internally for at least four months

Although it does not seem designed specifically for Open TV, it could easily be applied to this environment

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As a result of the health crisis, the situation of the media has been curious. There are channels such as radio, Out-of-Home (OOH) and print that have lost users and audience without any other remedy. But there are also agents such as television (Open and Pay TV) and social networks that have seen their recurring users increase. But still, their advertising revenue is down because several brands, with the economic crisis, do not trust the return on investment (ROI).

But there seems to be a new solution that could be especially positive for Open TV, if you can imitate it. According to ., Comcast, through its Sky unit, has just released a new tool for advertisers. The idea is to give brands a new way to measure the effectiveness of their ads. Through an alliance with the TVSquared firm, the companies would be able to see if their commercials result in sales or visits on their website.

The most interesting thing is not the results themselves, which many television companies already offer advertisers. The added value will be that companies will now be able to see in real time how ads on Open TV or Pay TV, as well as on digital channels, are impacting their business. Thus, they no longer have to wait weeks to confirm the ROI of all their spots. This will be achieved through constant monitoring of activity on the websites.

An attractive solution for Open TV

The measurement of advertising results is one of the most complex problems, but at the same time the most important on the market. One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing over channels like Open TV or Pay TV is precisely the ease of finding the ROI. There are also endless guides to identify the most important statistics for brands. The platforms constantly present new tools to measure impact.

Related Notes

But you have to talk about this new Comcast tool again. Initially it seems like a fairly simple solution. Measuring the number of visits to the web and purchases generated online as a result of a commercial on Open TV or Pay TV does not seem particularly complex. At least not in the conception of the metric. But even so, there are few channels and producers that really offer this type of service. They are, in effect, behind for advertisers.

It must be remembered that, with all the advantages of digital channels, they have many flaws that elements such as print, OOH and, of course, Open and Pay TV cannot cover. But advertisers tend to spend most of the budget on digital because agents on traditional channels aren’t modernizing fast enough. In the midst of a crisis where even online is suffering, there is no better time to update than now.

The ups and downs of television during the pandemic

As previously stated, Open TV has had a rather volatile health crisis, to say the least. Mass layoffs have been reported in various productions, from newscasts to sports offerings. Agents like TV Azteca have collapsed almost hopelessly in the face of declining ad revenue. Even Televisa had to resort to a low-cost telephone plan in order to diversify its income. The situation is difficult, or at least it seems so.

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