Open her legs Kim Kardashian and show off her flirty silhouette

Kim Kardashian spreads her legs and shows off her flirty silhouette | .

Thanks to the pose in which the businesswoman and Instagram celebrity Kim Kardashian was, she left several of her millions of followers wanting to see a little more than they should, since she is wearing part of her new collection of SKIMS.

The beautiful socialite from the United States has proven to be one of the favorites of Internet users thanks to the type of content that it publishes constantly and safely on its social networks, especially when it comes to showing off its curves.

On this occasion, those in charge of sharing his content was a page of fans who adore his photos, in an Instagram account where he appears wearing part of Jaquard collection.

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You will surely remember the line of pajamas glamorous that launched a few months ago, the satin and glossy fabric gave it a magnificent touch of glamor while also adding the designs that are worthy of Kim kardashianHe did a lot of promotion for these garments on social networks and invited his fans to purchase them by request as any of his products.

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This particular design consisted of pants that reached his narrow waist, this was all silver gray with a pattern on the fabric that could be the logo of their own brand, it also had a kind of swimsuit on the top of the same fabric as the pants but that included several strips that were tied at the waist , this caused it to look even narrower.

As an accessory, what she was wearing was a round neck necklace with diamonds, thanks to the way she was sitting she had her legs slightly open with her hands resting on her legs, in one of her hands she had a kind of wide cup, probably with a malt drink.


The background of the image and the bench where Kim Kardashian was sitting were dark brown, only the place where she was sitting had a satin fabric, which gave a spectacular shine not only to her clothes but also to her beautiful skin.

As for her makeup, the businesswoman is wearing a fairly discreet one, highlighting her beautiful eyes but without overshadowing her outfit, probably to draw the attention of her fans to her outfit, without losing sight of her silhouette, her photos are always well thought out so showing off for her is no problem.

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This flirty outfit is part of an exquisite line that she launched recently, varying the designs, but using the same type of fabric, in addition to this style we find others that the businesswoman also manages, some are long, short dresses and others.

Each one being able to adapt to the needs of each client in addition to having several shades and the best of all is that you can also find different sizes for all types of figures, this perhaps is what has attracted the most attention of their SKIMS since any version also handles it in several plus sizes.

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On May 25, the businesswoman shared a video where she appears with the same outfit, and as expected it was close to reaching 2 million views, a figure that will rarely be surpassed by any fan page since it is extremely difficult to reach. to 238 million followers like she has.

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