The new Astra by Opel will be the car that resumes the inclusion of ergonomic seats with certification from the organization ARG, a specialist in preventive and postural medicine

If there is something important when driving a car, it is being comfortable to have the best response when taking the wheel. An uncomfortable seat will make us not concentrate properly on the road.

Opel knows that this is essential for drivers, which is why the brand has stood out for taking pride in its ergonomic seats with AGR certificate since it was first offered at the Signum in 2003.

Today, the brand has decided to retake this certification for its vehicles and continue offering this benefit, and this time it will do so with the seats of the new Astra, which join those equipped in the current Insignia, Grandland X and Crossland X.

Opel Astra, AGR seat. / Photo: Courtesy Opel.

What are Opel seats with AGR certificate?

According to the portal Daily motorThe importance of the seats lies in that they must be as ergonomic as possible in order to avoid back pain and other problems such as fatigue, muscle tension or even a headache.

One of the keys to achieving a proper posture behind the wheel is that they have multiple settings to adapt to all kinds of physiognomies, from short drivers to the tallest, from the slimmest to the largest.

The seats of the Astra have 8 manual adjustments, extendable bench seat and 4-way, 18-way adjustable lumbar adjustment. With all this, Opel achieves that its seats adapt to more than 95% of drivers.

Opel Insignia AGR seat. / Photo: Courtesy Opel.

Another aspect to highlight is the so-called passive air conditioning of the seat, which consists of using breathable fabrics and a sufficiently rigid and perforated foam, which when sitting the occupant acts as suction cups, creating a small air circulation and eliminating moisture.

They also have a sufficiently rigid and robust structure, as well as the union of the headrest, helping the column to adopt a suitable position in addition to providing optimal support for the torso and pelvis. Finally, optional elements such as heating, ventilation or the massage function perfectly complement the ergonomics of these AGR seats in order to provide the maximum comfort and care for its occupants.


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