The first electric single-brand rally cup continues

Marijan Griebel was satisfied with the development of the car

Marijan Griebel, the 2016 Junior European Rally Champion with Opel, was commissioned to carry out the development tests for the Opel Corsa-e that will star in the Rally Cup, the 100% electric car that will be used in the new promotional cup Open in the framework of the German rally championship.

This note breaks a long silence since the category was announced and the tests began. The category was announced last August and the cars started rolling just before the end of the year. But the emergence of the coronavirus has slightly altered the ‘timing’ of the plans, including communication.

The cars were due to be delivered this summer and a test rally was to be held before the real Cup kicked off, with four tests this year and another six next, a ‘super cup’. But the plans will be modified because of COVID-19, although there is no firm decision on it, since it depends on how the calendar evolves.

“We are very satisfied with how the project is progressing. The issue of chassis tuning is resolved and we have advanced the development of the software. At the moment we are trying to simulate different driving cycles and styles in order to have the maximum possible data It is important for the integration of the championship in the German Rallies events, “said Jörg Schrott, the director of Opel Motrosport.

Griebel was very pleased to “participate in the development of this project. Thanks to a torque of 260 Nm and the Torsen differential, the Corsa e-Rally comes out of turns very well and reacts promptly to the demands of the pilot, it is very agile. I think it’s an idea car for a Brand Cup. ”

“We still think that we are on the right track and we are convinced that we will be able to start this year, but the priority is people’s health and we will adapt accordingly. But we also think that after this pandemic fans will want to see activity as soon as possible” .

Recall that the e-Corsa, the series model from which this version has been developed for the Opel e-Cup, is manufactured in Spain, specifically at the Figueruelas plant.

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