Only with a top, Michelle Lewin, competition from Yanet García

Only with a top, Michelle Lewin, competition from Yanet García | Instagram

Overflowing beauty! Venezuelan model Michelle Lewin came to Instagram to stay and unseated the beautiful Yanet García with a photograph in which she only used a black top.

The famous of the world fitness she posed in a mysterious hallway adding only to her outfit some colored tennis shoes from her top and dazzling social networks with her unparalleled beauty and shining blonde hair.

The famous Michelle Lewin reminds many of the Mexican Yanet García; However, this image leaves the former climate girl in oblivion since the legs, curves and steel abdomen of the Venezuelan are unmatched.

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Lewin shared this photo on his official Instagram account in November 2018 and got more than half a million reactions on the famous social network, where the comment box was filled with compliments for the beautiful blonde.

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Michelle Lewin She is a 35-year-old girl who worked in a local in Venezuela, she went from being just another girl to being a star influencer and in the world of fitness. This beautiful girl little by little attracted the attention of Internet users with her beauty and her advice on eating and exercising.

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Lewin decided to move to the United States from where he continues with his fitness tips and has reached the rest of the world. Currently, the model has more than 13 million followers and asks nothing of stars like Demi Rose, Kim Kardashian and Celia Lora.

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This star of social networks keeps Internet users aware of his accounts since he frequently shares photographs in which his impact anatomy is the protagonist. You can also see photos on his official Instagram account with his partner, who is also part of the fitness world.

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