President Jair Twitter returned to position itself against the social isolation to fight the new coronavirus. “We cannot continue like this. We know that we should be concerned with the virus, especially the elderly, those who have diseases, those who are weak, but (without) this to close the economy. 70 days the closed economy. Until when will we face it, I’m sorry. I’m 65 years old, I’m in the risk group ”, said the president on Tuesday, 26, without using the mask, a mandatory item throughout the Federal District .

Bolsonaro wants the country’s economy to resume.

Photo: Marcos Corrêa / Presidency of the Republic / Estadão Contents

Bolsonaro’s speech came before the Ministry of Health released the record of 1,039 new deaths caused by covid-19 in the last 24 hours. With the balance of this Tuesday, the total number of deaths from the disease in the country increased to 24,512. Social isolation is recommended by the world’s health authorities as the only effective method to fight the new coronavirus.

In an interview, Bolsonaro again complained to the Supreme Federal Court (STF), which gave governors the power to decide on social isolation measures, and repeated his new speech that it is “easy to put a dictatorship in Brazil”. The thesis exposed by the president at the ministerial meeting that had its content released by the Supreme Court last Friday is that people need to arm themselves to prevent a dictatorship that, according to him, would be implemented by mayors and governors who adopted measures of social isolation .

“I have an obligation as head of state to make decisions. I have my hands tied by a decision of the Supreme Federal Court that delegated these measures to states and municipalities. Videos keep coming to me of people being handcuffed for being on the street. This cannot go on like this. As I said to the minister, privately, that I did not want it to be made public, it is easy to put a dictatorship in Brazil. The people are scared at home “, he said.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Bolsonaro has already stated that the disease that has killed 347,836 people in the world so far, is a “little flu” and replied with “is that so?” a question from a journalist about the growing number of deaths in the country. Two health ministers resigned for disagreeing with their orders to fight the pandemic. Currently, the portfolio is led by an interim, General Eduardo Pazuello, who agreed to release the coroquine to patients with mild symptoms of the disease, which his predecessors in the portfolio disagreed with because there was no scientific proof of the drug’s effectiveness.

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