Only on sheets! Chiquis Rivera decides not to wear a wardrobe

Only on sheets! Chiquis Rivera decides not to wear a wardrobe | Instagram

The irreverent Chiquis Rivera did it again! The regional music singer decided that sometimes less is more and that is why Lorenzo Méndez’s ex decided not to choose a wardrobe for one of her photographs.

The image that circulates on social networks in fan club accounts of Chiquis Rivera delight the eyes of her most fervent admirers with all the beauty of the interpreter in view, definitely, the protagonist of the photograph is her skin and her curves.

The businesswoman also posed with her quite natural face and a slight smile, apparently the photograph dates from a few years ago and her hair looks quite blonde. Janney Marin Rivera she posed on white sheets and upside down, exposing her famous curves more.

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But this is not the only time that Chiquis Rivera placeholder image has decided to leave the clothes in his photographs. The famous one has done it time and time again, always surprising Internet users and giving something to talk about.

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In a recent photograph that is available on her official Instagram account, Chiquis can be seen with only a sheet and much of her curves in view. This photo caused a sensation among netizens, but also negative comments.

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People like journalist Daniel Bisogno reacted negatively to the image. The Doll assured in Ventaneando that the daughter of La Diva de la Banda is “past tamales” and that she has a “great pig.”

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While Bisogno spoke negatively of Chiquis Rivera and her photograph, his colleagues assured that he looked good, to which the journalist stressed that despite everything he said, he admires the singer’s safety.

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