“Only Marc’s magic can generate so much joy”

06/23/2021 at 4:43 PM CEST

And he is in Groningen (Holland), with his entire team. Today they have finished setting up the box in the ‘cathedral’ of Assen. Santi Hernandez, inseparable engineer of Marc Márquez, has also lived 581 days of uncertainty, but full of faith and confidence in its pilot “because when you work with Marc he knows that sooner or later, everything will return to its place and we will enjoy his careers again & rdquor ;.

I could go back in time, I don’t know, to July 2020, for example.

When it all starts, the first thing you think is, well, it will cost more or less, but it will be back soon. You ponder the possibility that he will need his time but will be back soon. When you see that he relapses, that the operations are happening, that there are doubts, that everything is delayed, you always get, not doubt, but the feeling, certain, that he is having a bad time and it hurts, it hurts a lot. None of us, and forgive me for speaking in the plural, but that’s how I feel it and that’s how we live it, we have doubts that he will run again but, above all, what worries us is that he suffers, has a bad time.

What was the worst of all.

The worst of all was not moving forward, not improving, the stoppages, the operations, seeing him suffer was tremendous and it was totally new for us. Obviously we were all very worried, but always with the positive idea that it would take more time than normal and ready.

Because not everything came down to running again, right?

Indeed, we are talking about the champion of the decade, we are talking, respecting, of course, everyone else, of Marc Márquez and, therefore, it was, yes, to return to competition, but it was to return to face something that was new to all of us. The reaction of the whole team on Sunday shows, above all, how much we have suffered for him, especially for him. Because when he reappeared, we all knew that the objective was not to win races or, of course, fight for the title, but to evolve his adaptation process and, little by little, return to driving with the aggressiveness, courage and determination that has always characterized him. .

Marc talks about this being his preseason.

And so it is, so it is. When you start in winter, in the preseason tests, you know that, little by little, you are going to adapt to the situation. But it is that he has reached the World Championship with the championship underway, launched, with the added pressure that you have been the reference pilot, the dominator and, therefore, everyone has the memory of you when you won and, the truth, that is difficult to assume.

But Marc seems to have psyched himself up very well about that new role.

Because that is where the great person and pilot that he is arises Marc, a great in every way. Why? Because, in the end, what makes him even bigger is that, when everyone believes that as soon as he steps on the circuit he is going to win, he knows that he has a very hard road ahead of him and he assumes it normally , knowing that he will not win every Sunday, which, psychologically, is not easy for a champion like him to endure. And yet he takes it on and works hard and with enormous humility.

That is not easy at all being the king.

Yes for me, sorry, for the whole team, for Carlos (Liñán, chief mechanic), for Jordi (Castellà, trusted mechanic of Marc), in order to ‘Ginetto‘(Roberto Clerici, mechanical), for Javi (Ortiz, mechanical), for Carlo (Liuzzi, telemetric), that is, for the whole team it is very difficult to assimilate the situation, imagine what it will be like to assume a situation like this being Marc Márquez. But, I insist, the difference is that you cheer up, you see the end of the tunnel, when you see the will, the sacrifice, the faith, the work, the discipline, the tenacity, the perseverance that he puts to improve each day. Only the magic and the courage of Marc could generate a joy like the one we experienced on Sunday at the Sachsenring.

Have you been lonely all these months?

More than feeling alone, we have felt desolate, almost orphans. This is a team that has built Marc as he has wanted and with those he has wanted and, of course, the relationship we have with him is not, really, a normal relationship. I do not know if such a close relationship is good or not for their work and for our work, but it has paid off and it is what it is and we are all proud that it is so. And, of course, when you go months without seeing him, well, yes, of course, we have seen, heard and followed his evolution, but we have not worked for him, we have not competed and that has been very, very, hard for everyone. The machine was missing a pinion, yes, but it was the most important pinion, the pinion that makes us all enjoy our work. We have missed it, the team was lame.

Hence, the outbreak of Sunday.

I repeat, the reflection of who we are is seen in the minutes following Sunday’s victory. That explosion of joy for everyone, global, because I believe that everyone was happy, that emotion, everyone’s eyes and, when I say everyone, I mean everyone, glassy, ​​crystalline, eyes of happiness, eyes of joy, of joy that comes from the heart, each in his own way, it is clear that we are happy for us but, above all, we are happy for him, he has returned and he deserves it for how he is, how he works, how he treats us, how he competes and how he shares . Never, ever, lower your arms and that is to be admired.

Did you never think I could win again at the Sachsenring?

Marc has told it and, as always, he has told the truth. At no time did we think of winning. It was his talisman circuit, true, but winning, winning, we didn’t think about it. We did believe that we could have a good result and, in that sense, the podium seemed like a triumph, blessed glory, the greatest of successes. The problem, not for us, who are used to his exploits, is that, in that little corner of your heart where you keep your things, you always think “well, watch out, he’s Marc Márquez and he can mess it up & rdquor ;, but he can’t. you verbalized, you kept it to yourself.

But Marc Márquez Alentá did magic again.

Yes, he has done magic again, something that has stopped surprising us. A type of magic to which he had us accustomed and that nobody knows how to do like him. What it has shown Marc at Sachsenring is that he has not forgotten, for the enjoyment of all and the good of our sport, to star in such feats.

And taking big risks.

Well, that’s where the real thing appears Marc, the one that we all, starting with himself, want to recover. It starts to rain and, where the others had cut gas or piloted with greater caution or prudence, he decides to gamble because he knows that it is time to strike the final blow and try to win. That’s when the gene comes out Marc Márquez and win. He had the podium at hand and he, instead of managing the race and securing the ‘box’, a great reward for the state in which he is, goes and decides that “it is time to press, risk and escape”. He thinks about it and does it. That gene is unique, it is the gene of the great ones, of those who have their heads going at a thousand an hour and assume the risk in milliseconds. And that is, again, the magic of Marc Márquez. Therefore, respecting others, please, of course, I believe that Marc is unique.

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