Only 25 minutes from the Bronx to Midtown: they approve to extend with four stations Metro-North train service between Manhattan and Connecticut

Federal authorities have given the green light to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) plan to build four new Metro-North train stations in The Bronx, between Penn Station (NYC) and Connecticut, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced yesterday.

According to MTA, the new service would reduce transfers from 75 to 25 minutes between East Bronx and Midtown West in Manhattan. The project known as “Penn Station Access” will be completed in 2025, Cuomo said during a news conference with politicians from the Bronx. The federal go-ahead means that officials can now carry out a environmental review of the plan, which has taken years to develop.

The four new stations will be located along an existing Amtrak route In communities in the East Bronx: Hunts Point, Parkchester, Morris Park and Co-Op City, connecting the busy New Haven Line with Penn Station. The MTA plans to accept public comments on the plan for 45 days, the government said in a statement.

“This is happening. It is happening and it is happening now, ”reiterated Cuomo. “The RFP (request for proposal) is published today, we do an environmental assessment” and “It is going to be transformative for these communities”, added.

Trains currently bound for New Haven in and out of Grand Central on the east side of Manhattan and generally they skip most of the local stops along the way.

“The most profitable capital projects are those that make the most of the mass transportation service of the existing infrastructure, rather than always building something new from scratch, “MTA Construction Chief John“ Janno ”Lieber said in a statement.

“To the rebuild this underused Amtrak rail line to accommodate the new Metro-North service, this project will provide East Bronx residents with better access to jobs, education and a full range of opportunities, ”he added, quoted by the New York Post.


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