With the arrival of Covid-19, the world experienced many changes, especially in the way of conducting certain activities that had to be done from home during the quarantine. Although streaming platforms such as Netflix and virtual conferencing applications such as Zoom experienced a boom for months, a more recent study has revealed that online games were actually the most consumed during the pandemic.

Perhaps this should not come as a surprise given that over time, during the confinement, many had to desperately search for a way to entertain themselves. Some finished series, others took courses, but the vast majority undoubtedly find video games the ideal and most immediate option to pass the time.

According to the data from Story Baker, the Undersecretary of Telecommunications detailed its count on internet consumption between the months of March and July. The results indicated that internet traffic both on fixed devices such as computers, and on mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets, gaming was the activity that undoubtedly showed the greatest boom during the pandemic.

Fixed internet traffic showed that gaming had a data increase of 315.1% compared to the results of the same months in 2019. In second place was web browsing with 93% and file downloads with 80.3%. On the other hand, the mobile version of the results showed the activity of online games with an increase of 143.2%, followed by file downloads with 64.5% and the categories indicated as « other » with 61.0%.

According to the Steam platform, the digital video game store, the five most demanded titles so far in 2020 were Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, Fall Guys and Grand Theft Auto V. The first with almost 5 million downloads, and the last one with just over 900 thousand.

This information makes sense given the recent news about the increase in betting that has emerged on online gambling sites, such as skill games and especially casinos. The rise of online casinos, as well as distance purchases are two activities that already existed, but which during these months have reached a definitive position.

Video games were in fact an incentive used by the World Health Organization, to promote staying at home and social distancing in the face of the threat of a contagion that could get even more out of control. The #PlayApartTogether initiative was the product of the union between the OMS and several game development companies such as Wildlife Studios, Activision, Amazon, Zynga and Riot Games.

What video games have you played during the pandemic?

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