Updated on 05/20/2020 at 01:22

You have to be unlucky if you buy a online game and within hours you find out that the price fell into an offer. Nothing worse for a gamer! Epic Games Store, the competition from Steam, recognized this problem, so it offers a refund if the price paid for a game falls to the days in the catalog.

The platform of online games communicated to users that it will activate the function “Partial Refunds”, The objective of which will be to automatically return the difference between the price you have purchased a game and its price after the sale. It seems crazy, but already several users reported having received the balance for this new policy.

In your fight Steam, Epic Games has implemented the ability to return online games to which we had only spent a couple of hours, as well as offering free games. The novelty of the moment is GTA V for PC.

Epic Games has hit the platforms online games. Hopefully this return policy becomes current in the video game market.

GTA V | New mod

Mods breathe new life into Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), the Rockstar Game that is available for free at Epic Games Store. Just as you read it, GTA V is a free game Limited Time. If you already have experience and know the art of installing mods, we leave you an interesting option to improve the graphics.

Seven years have passed since the launch of GTA V. Since then, modders have gone to work to improve the visual appearance of the video game. Rockstar Games. The jobs have been improving over time, but what you will see now exceeds all expectations. Without a doubt, an opportunity to improve what is already a free game at the Epic Games Store.

The mod NaturalVision EvolvedDeveloped primarily by Razed with the help of other modders, it adds new textures to deliver an almost photorealistic landscape of GTA V.