▲ In YouTube screenshots, Rolling Stones, Sting and Lady Gaga, among others, of different musical genres.

Juan Ibarra

La Jornada newspaper
Saturday May 30, 2020, p. 5

Although little by little the activities in some regions begin to resume their course, those linked to entertainment will still have to wait. The theater, movie theaters and concerts will be, for the most part, the last to reopen. The network, however, houses countless materials that are freely accessible. We present a selection of music specialists from La Jornada.

All kinds of audiovisual content can be seen on Google’s video platform YouTube, including old concerts by the most recognized artists around the world. For example, the 1986 performance of the British band Queen, at Wembley Stadium, in which Freddie Mercury wore the yellow jacket with which so many remember him today (https://youtu.be/gXXMsW3fHvk).

There are also the Rolling Stones, playing rock that hasn’t been heard for almost 60 years. Mick Jagger is seen dancing in Austin, Texas, in 2006, during the A Bigger Bang world tour (https://youtu.be/boeEcc6hirk). Years before, in the middle of the 80s, the tousled manes of Daryl Hall and John Oates stirred at a concert by the duo, Hall & Oates, in New York. (https://youtu.be/ZRTTES4BZ04).

There is rock from all eras and from all geographies. There is the former vocalist of The Police, Sting, in 2011, playing Englishman in New York, in Viña del Mar (https://youtu.be/u1QAbdIEicw). There are festival performances like Rock In Rio from Brazil, where Aerosmith performs some of his most representative songs (https://youtu.be/3KHqY2uIY9k) (https://youtu.be/) and Red Hot Chili Peppers (https: / /youtu.be/1_HkEMasarg).

Accompanied by the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, the band Metallica gave a concert in 1999 in Berkeley, California. Thanks to the wind and string instruments, the band’s songs take on new nuances (https://youtu.be/WxOGihj1QyU).

However, there is not only rock on the platform. The queen of pop Madonna can be seen in the 90s, sometimes speaking in French to her French Riviera audience (https://youtu.be/CpzdVuMR-4Q) Dangerous World Tour, which ended in Mexico in 1993 . (https://youtu.be/BnUFCRSOwV8). From a more recent time, there are the presentations by the English Ed Sheeran, in Dublin, (https://youtu.be/lR3vIjAZDnM) (https://youtu.be/cCck1LN0OGM) (https://youtu.be/l95_Qws3Ixg) in what looks like a bar (https://youtu.be/EAmrPYJWM10).

There are also the privileged voices of singers such as Alanis Morissette on their 2012 tour, Guardian Angel Tour (https://youtu.be/Dbl8YqlC040) or Norah Jones, singing live from Austin, Texas, where she first performed songs like Come Away With Me or Sunrise (https://youtu.be/tUEJkwA1VI4).

On a 1999 television show, Barry White makes a video appearance to address the R&B group Earth Wind & Fire to ask for their favorite song. The baritone, who declares himself an admirer of them, requests September (https://youtu.be/0mTLd9dpzas); also, One Night Only Live, concert by the Bee Gees, which restored the popularity of the disco band in 1997 (https://youtu.be/hQJIO81bP4s).

Bob Marley and his band, The Wailers, can be seen in 1980 playing in Germany for public television’s Rockpalast program (https://youtu.be/XspU6g9m2Fs) (https://youtu.be/Twb65Ov67ZA ). The grunge band Pearl Jam can be seen at the Brazilian Lollapalooza 2018 festival (https://youtu.be/pZtx9ba_bWc).