Online betting, food and photovoltaic, among the worst of the year in the Continuous Market

Online betting, food and photovoltaic, among the worst of the year in the Continuous Market

When a value in the annual baggage loses 45% of its price, we are already talking about bigger words. When there is a restructuring, capital increase or a sustained and high penalty after a previous overbought, we are looking, they have been right, at the worst annual performance of the Spanish Continuous Market. We will analyze your situation and prospects one by one.

Codere was shooting a month ago, after agreeing to sell a stake in your online business to a SPAC, a special purpose acquisition company with the idea of ​​listing on the Nasdaq. The amount that will be minority and not of control has not yet been reflected, but it would reach between 27 and 46%. Although after that, the value started a downward maelstrom, which the value has not finished digesting, not even close, since it has lost 12% since the beginning of July and presents annual falls of 62.8%, the largest in the Spanish Continuous Market.

Codere annual price of the security Codere annual price of the security

Codere annual quotation of the value

In fact, its premium technical indicators, which are prepared by Investment Strategies, show us a Codere that it barely marks a point, after its downward revision of the 10 possible for the value. Only positively does the long-term business volume move, which is growing. The rest, the trend is downward in its two aspects, both in the medium and long term, the total moment, slow and fast is negative, the volume of business is also decreasing in the medium term, and the volatility of the value, measured in terms of the amplitude range, it is growing in the medium and also in the long term.

DIA is placed in the queue of the Continuous Market peloton in the face of its ongoing macro-expansion of capital. 1,028 million euros at stake, to reestablish order in the company’s accounts and that will serve to expand the level of control of its majority shareholder, the Letterone investment vehicle, in the hands of the Russian tycoon, Mikhail Friedman.

And more if possible after knowing, yesterday, that will go to the second section of the expansion with about 194 million euros. The price, 0.02 euros per share, is what has led to the free fall of the share price in the market, with a new dilution of the shareholders in the market. That will be on August 12 when the new shares begin trading.

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In its stock chart, we see that the value soared yesterday no less than 23.3% due to this support from the Russian tycoon, but despite this, it has yielded no less than 44% so far this year.

Day annual price of the security Day annual price of the security

Annual quotation day of the security


An intricate process that also includes reducing your debt by around 60%. Management believes that this operation will strengthen its solvency and improve its liquidity. The company will not have to face significant debt maturities until the end of 2025. And it includes the extension of the maturity of a syndicated loan that exceeds 902 million euros in two and a half years by the creditors involved.

Soltec Powr Br-Unty, has climbed positions. Yes, as you hear, because for a good part of what we have been in the Spanish Continuous Market this year, the red lantern has been used. Now it has ceased to be, despite the fact that, paradoxically, its losses are deepening. Thus, in the Continuous Market, we see that Soltec loses half its price on the stock market so far this year.

Soltec annual price of the stock Soltec annual price of the stock

Soltec annual share price

Let’s not forget all this after a spectacular year and with the deep turn and down that the sector has given, by understanding the market experts, on the one hand, the extra cost of their actions and on the other, the proliferation of sustainability actors and projects, which leads shareholders to be tremendously selective in their choices.

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