online and free, from May 18 to 20

If last year, because of the coronavirus, we ran out of Google I / O 2020, this year Google I / O 2021 returns to the annual meeting with developers and, along the way, also with Android users, technology journalists and , in short, for anyone interested in knowing Google’s plans for the coming months, a very interesting proposal and that, as we have learned today, this year it will take place between May 18 and 20.

No surprise, of course, knowing that Google I / O 2021 will be held exclusively online. Although vaccinations seem to be, finally, taking a good rhythm, it is still too early to celebrate these types of events in person, and as proof of this the search engine company has not only opted for the online one for Google I / O 2021, But he has also confirmed that he will not attend the Mobile World Congress 2021 which, although it does not make much sense, for the moment he keeps the call open for next June.

In addition to this responsible attitude, access to all sessions and all content of Google I / O 2021 will be completely free. Unlike face-to-face events, in which attendees have to make a significant financial outlay (and not only for registration, they must also add travel and accommodation expenses), an online event, with no limit of participants and with registration free, it is a sensational opportunity for developers who could not consider attending the face-to-face mode.

Although we are talking about an event designed, in principle, for developers, Google I / O 2021 is actually one of the most important events of the year in the technology sector, as it is where we expect the launch of the first beta of Android 12, of which so far we have seen two preliminary editions aimed at developers. In the beta that will be released in May, we will be able to see the guidelines that the eleventh revision of the world’s most widely used operating system for smartphones and tablets will follow, and we will begin to glimpse the functions with which the devices will surprise us next year.

An important aspect, yes, is that although the registration to Google I / O 2021 is free, It is essential to be able to access the events and materials that will be published on your website. For registration you will have to fill out a form with some questions to determine your profile and your interests (by the way, if you register I would like to know if you have left any questions for Sundar Pichai). It will only take a couple of minutes and, upon completion, you will receive an email confirming your registration. Also, if you don’t have a developer profile yet, you can also create it from the confirmation message.

More information and registration on the official page of the event.