OnePlus Watch: great finish and smart activity monitoring

With an elegant design, it offers precise registrations, stable connectivity and a wide autonomy.

This Watch is the first OnePlus wearable device presented worldwide (it markets an activity bracelet in some markets) and aims to integrate into the users’ digital daily life within an ecosystem of which the brand’s appreciated mobiles are part. .

Cute design

The OnePlus Watch is the reflection of the same craftsmanship and quality philosophy with which OnePlus smartphones are manufactured, which results in a device with great performance when using it and with a beautiful design when we have it in our hand. . Its round shape simulates the look of a traditional watch, with a smooth bow on the side of the case that is hand-polished with more than 20 treatments for a refined finish. The 46mm case is made of high-quality stainless steel, with a 2.5D curved glass and a glossy CD pattern on the display bezel for a distinctive touch.

Advanced connectivity

Through this smartwatch you can see and respond to notifications, make and answer phone calls, listen to music and control the camera of the associated smartphone. It includes 4 GB of separate storage (2 GB for actual use), enough to hold more than 500 songs, and is compatible with headphones with a Bluetooth connection to listen to music at any time.

Battery for two weeks

The OnePlus Watch arrives with an exceptional battery life, since it can have a battery for a whole day after just 5 minutes plugged in or battery for a week in just 20 minutes. Its long-lasting battery (402 mAh) provides the necessary charge to use the device for two weeks, as well as up to a week for the most active users.


With submersibility up to 50 m and IP68 certification for resistance also to dust, its manufacturing materials ensure great resistance to daily hustle and bustle, including minor shocks or impacts. The strap is made of very soft silicone, with a standard measurement of 22 mm and very easy to replace.

Blood oxygen

SpO2 or blood oxygen saturation is one of the fashionable records in the wearable world. The OnePlus Watch includes this feature along with monitoring of pulse, distance, calorie consumption, speed calculation, etc. It includes more than 110 types of training, including automatic activity detection, as well as stress detection, respiratory training, rapid heart rate alerts, and reminders to avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

Swimming and outdoor

Since it is submersible both in the open sea and in the pool, it is an interesting sports smartwatch for swimming practitioners. In this sense, it incorporates the SWOLF functionality: it is a score obtained by adding the number of swim strokes per length of the pool and the time to travel that length. And since it has an internal GPS module, it records outdoor routes, in any of the sports disciplines: walking, running, trekking, etc.

The OnePlus Watch is priced from 159 euros.