OnePlus 9 Pro filters its appearance in these brutal renders

A few days after the arrival of OnePlus in Mexico comes this leak that tells us what they would prepare for 2021 with their new 9 Pro.

OnePlus for a long time it has been positioned as a relatively cult brand for Latin America. All because it is not so easy to get these terminals on this side of the continent.

But this situation is about to change with the official arrival of the brand in these markets. In fact, this November 24 will be the launch presentation of OnePlus for Mexico and the expectation is more than positive and high.

It is just under the framework of this scenario that the most recent leak around the OnePlus 9 Pro has emerged and it shows promise.

Renders showing the face of the 9 Pro

The already recognized duo of OnLeaks and Voice They have released a series of render images, based on technical documents, which show what the final design of the successor to the 8 Pro would be.

As is often the case with this brand, its appearance refers us to other proposals in the same range, but with some subtle variations that make it interesting.

Well, the images speak for themselves in this case, especially if we keep in mind the shape of its predecessor:

As we can see in the images, which are rarely wrong by this pair of informants, we have the confirmation that the curved screen of the 8 Pro remains present to become a distinctive element.

In fact, the rumors surrounding the OnePlus 9 Pro suggest that now there would be an important change in its dimensions.

Since the display would go from 6.77 inches that the 8 Pro had to 6.55 inches. A millimeter variation.

But the big surprise of all would be on camera. Since 91mobiles OnePlus 9 It will come with a 48MP primary sensor. Plus a 48MP ultrawide sensor, plus a third sensor not yet clearly defined.

If everything goes well in March we would see this new smartphone. So it’s just a matter of less and less time to learn more leaked details.

Meanwhile here at FayerWayer we will follow up on all the details of its launch in Mexico.