One year after his death, Xavier Ortiz’s son says: “I want to go with my dad.”

Almost a year after the death of Xavier Ortiz, his son causes concern.

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Carisa de León, widow of the singer Xavier Ortiz, She fears for the life of her 9-year-old son Xaviercito, as he discovered something ‘alarming’ that the boy did almost a year after the fatal death of his father.

It turns out that in an interview with the program “Ventaneando”, Carisa revealed that, after the unfortunate death of her partner, found a letter from his son stating that he did not want to continue living And now what worries him the most is that he may inherit or have the depressive symptoms of the late singer.

“The letter we found, which was the super red alert, was from ‘I want to go with my dad’, then that had us very scared, and I was really afraid of reaching the point where I could stop seeing it, because I really saw that he did want to go with his dad”, The woman told the show program.

On more content of the message, she detailed: “He drew his dad, said he was very sad, that he wanted to go with his dad and that he didn’t want to stay alive.”

Perhaps one of the most troubling moments for the family was when they openly they asked Xaviercito if he wanted to dieWell, his words were truly heartbreaking.

“Yes, mom, yes I would”, according to the minor answered.

Xaviercito is the only son procreated by the couple and since the death of the former Garibaldi in September last year, the little one has been the most affected and has even said that his father visits him and maintains communication with him, which in a This moment did not seem strange to the mother, because the event of the death was very recent and the little one needed to assimilate it.

He has started to show some symptoms of the disease and that worries meWhen Xavier started with depression, he had trouble sleeping and had a lack of appetite among other symptoms, ”explained Ortiz’s widow, who is keeping an eye on the little boy and hopes that these alerts are only a false alarm.

Perhaps one of the most painful losses for entertainment, which occurred in 2020, was the suicide of singer Xavier Ortiz; And it is that nobody expected that a man as young as he could be the victim of a severe depression that put his life in danger.

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