One Xplayer, the most powerful portable game machine

One Xplayer is a portable gaming machine that follows in the footsteps of developments such as GPD WIN 3 and AYA Neo, but raises the bar for hardware for run any pc game no matter how powerful it is in a design little bigger than a smartphone.

One Xplayer is a project that more than met the objectives proposed in the Indiegogo collective financing platform, raising a million dollars right after starting. They are certainly very specialized machines for a specific market niche, but it is also clear that there are consumers interested in them.

One Xplayer What a machine!

One-Notebook is a Chinese company specialized in these handheld computers and we have already seen some as interesting as the One Gx1 Pro. Now it goes further improving some sections that users have requested such as the screen. If the GPD WIN 3 or AYA Neo bet on reducing the resolution to increase autonomy and reduce prices, One raises it to 2560 x 1600 pixels. Considering that it is a 8.4 inch IPS multi-touch panel, the pixel density rises to 358 ppi.

Its interior also shines at a high level, because it equips eleventh generation Intel Tiger Lake processors, with models to choose between a Core i5 or the Core i7-1165G7 with the latest generation Iris Xe integrated graphics and 96 execution units, it promises to run any PC game you have.

The 16 Gbytes of RAM in all configurations they accompany, like the storage capacity of 512 GB, 1 and even some incredible 2 Tbytes on machines of this size. Its connectivity is also spectacular, launching the new USB 4.0 standard that we have not seen yet in any commercial machine, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0 or stereo speakers.

As a game controller, there is no shortage of joysticks and linear buttons that are inspired by the Xbox one, a good mirror to look at because Microsoft’s is one of the best on the market.

One Xplayer will go into mass production in June and the first batch is expected to ship between June and July. Pre-install Windows 10 and as you may be suspecting, its price is not cheap and the base configuration rises to 899 dollars. In exchange, you get what is probably the most advanced portable gaming machine on the market. It doesn’t have the games of a Nintendo Switch, but it can run all the ones available for PC.

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