One Piece already has its own makeup kit

shu uemura one piece

The number of products of various types bearing the mark of One piece gives us an idea of ​​the large number of followers who want the franchise, not just enjoy the pirate adventures of the Grand line, but also wear them on your skin and that is why it has become one of the most popular collaborations, the makeup set Of the brand Shu Uemura with One piece.

In a special limited collection, the highly recognized makeup brand Shu Uemura, already used to collaborating with animated franchises, this time she launches a set of products in collaboration with One piece achieving one of its most colorful special editions.

Among the products of the One piece hollydays we see a shadow palette called Wanted Treasure Boxes with colors and burns that amounts to the price of a high-end palette, about $ 89 USD, accompanied by pressed powder of bronzing blush with the mark of the flag of the United States. Straw Hats. A collection of matte lipsticks are also added to the set with a packaging straight out of a treasure chest with the characters of One piece engraved on it and that brings colors from oranges to all toasted wines, worthy of a life at sea.

It also contains cleansing oils, makeup brushes, eyelash curlers and some minisets to give away, being a limited edition collection of one of the most popular series, some products are already sold out, so to acquire the rest of insurance you will have to hurry to be able to make the best gift this Christmas.

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