One of the women who accuse the governor of New York of inappropriate touching gives details of the event

The woman who claimed to have been groped by the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, gave details of the incident on Wednesday during an interview with a local media, in which she stated that the politician he slammed the door when she pushed him away.

The alleged victim, who works in the governor’s office, said about a month ago that at the end of 2020, Cuomo asked him one night to come to the official residence of the governor to help him with a problem he had with his mobile, at which point the fact that he put his hands under her blouse and touched her breasts.

The employee, one of the six women who have accused her of sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior, says that Cuomo reacted to her rejection by spouting a “I do not mind” and slamming the door to his office, where they were both.

In addition, he stated in his interview with the Albany Times Union newspaper that the governor had been “preparing” for that moment for two years, establishing a close relationship.

“It wasn’t just a hug. He threw himself and I was thinking ‘Oh, the door is right there’ … I was ashamed that a woman who works there came and saw it, “said the alleged victim, who has wanted to remain anonymous.

Frequent inappropriate behavior

The woman further claimed that Cuomo, 63, had held her closely on many occasions and frequently exhibited inappropriate behavior, which eventually led to touching, an incident that made the woman feel “confused” and “stunned”.

He also noted that He does not remember asking him to stop, but said “you’re crazy”, something that seemed to upset the politician.

“That’s when he stopped. Me telling him ‘you’re crazy’, that was something he definitely didn’t want to hear. It definitely was a blow to his ego. And then almost at that moment it stopped, “he explained.

The woman still works in the governor’s office, although she assures that fewer tasks are entrusted to you and that from time to time her companions look at her badly, according to the Times Union.


Cuomo has always denied the accusations, and he has said that no woman let him know “at the time that he had made them feel uncomfortable.”

The half-dozen allegations, however, have led to the governor’s behavior being investigated by both the New York Attorney General’s office, Letitia James, and a judicial committee of the state Legislative Assembly, which could lead to impeachment or impeachment.

Many of the governor’s party colleagues have asked for his resignation, but Cuomo has repeated numerous times that he will not make any decisions until the results of the investigations are known.