One of the rarest and most exclusive Ferraris in the world, for sale


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An exclusive Ferrari J50, of which only 10 units have been manufactured, goes on sale for almost 3 million euros.

The Ferrari J50 is one of the rarest and most attractive special editions released by the Maranello firm in recent times. Presented in 2016 for celebrate the 50th anniversary of the arrival of the Italian brand in Japan, its name is the acronym for Japan 50 (J50).

Only 10 copies were made of this edition and all of them were intended for very exclusive clients that the Italian manufacturer had in the eastern country, which has made it one of the rarest Ferrari models that we can find. In fact, each of the customers configured their unit to their liking, so the only 10 units produced are unique pieces.

Its price, around 3 million euros

Ferrari J50: one of the 10 manufactured units is auctioned

6 photos Ferrari J50: one of the 10 units manufactured is auctioned


That is why any sale of each of the 10 units, such as the one that concerns us here, becomes a real event for collectors. The last time it was produced was in 2019 and it was also completely new.

The Ferrari J50 is actually based on the Ferrari 488 Spider, from which it inherits its frame and mechanical configuration. Thus, under its hood we find the 3.9-liter biturbo V8 that delivers 690 hp and is associated with the rear axle through a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

The specimen that has appeared for sale in Japan turns out to be the only known full black. Its first owner chose the Nero Daytona black bodywork in combination with Grigio Corsa gray wheels, a tone very similar to titanium, behind which the brake calipers appear.

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Inside we find a cabin covered entirely in Alcantara and black leather, with numerous visible carbon fiber inserts and some white leather details on the seats. In addition, one of the most attractive features of this unit is its low use, as it hardly reflects 700 kilometers on your odometer.

All this, added, makes the sale value that Rosso Scuderia, the official dealer of the Italian brand in the city of Tokyo, has put on it, is no less than 398 million yen, about 2.9 million euros at the current exchange rate.

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