One of the most mythical applications in the history of computing returns to Windows 10 | Technology

Microsoft has needed more than 1,300 days to publish the classic Paint application for free in the Windows Store.

If you have been using Microsoft operating systems for many years, you will remember the original Paint application, one of the favorite applications of those who create memes on the Internet, and that surely you have ever used to get out of trouble in case you did not have Photoshop by hand.

A few years ago, specifically with the release of Paint 3D in 2017, those from Redmond decided to do without this mythical application, something that did not exactly sit well with users. This caused Microsoft itself to step out and announce that the classic Paint would arrive in the Windows store soon, although they have taken their time.

From that announcement, made on July 24, 2017, it has rained a lot, and finally Microsoft seems that today April 7, 2021 the application is almost ready so that it can be downloaded through its store, for free, and to everybody.

At the time of writing this news, although the Microsoft Paint file is already created, still can’t downloadNeither in the United States nor in the Spanish store, but it is likely to be available soon.

It does not seem that anything about this classic Paint application is going to change with respect to the one we remember, and it is that there is basically nothing special in the file, just a brief description in which it can be read that ‚ÄúPaint is a simple graphics editor and powerful with a variety of uses. You can quickly edit images or create masterpieces with the tools of this application. Once you’re done, you can save and share the files in almost any format. “

We will see if with the future availability of the classic Paint application in the Microsoft store, those of Redmond include some updates, although it is unlikely so that the essence of the original is not lost.