One of the most mysterious architectural jewels of the Tigre opens as a hotel

For the first time, one of the most mysterious places in Tigre opens its doors and offers its rooms to the public. Its about Convent of San Francisco, an iconic place founded in 1900 by Franciscan monks. A total of 40 hectares surround this mansion surrounded by forests and rivers.

A work built by the Italian architect Virgilio Cestari, the same one who designed the elephant pavilion of the Buenos Aires Zoo and the imposing building of the Tattersall of the Palermo Hippodrome. Occupied by the Franciscans until the mid-40s, after a great flood it was uninhabited. The same fate befell the Real cider factory located nearby. When the water rose more than six feet, nothing was left standing.

For many years the Convent was almost abandoned, until the Church decided to sell it. A decade ago a businessman who loves art and culture bought it. No expense was paid when restoring it.

It was designed by the same Italian architect who created the Palermo Tattersall

Demián Gasco, owner of Senator Dupont, a hotel with a restaurant located 300 meters from the Convent, went from a boy to tour its 30 rooms in search of stories of passion and mystery. One day his neighbor called him and offered to run it as a hotel. Together with his partner, Silvina De Prado, they did not doubt it. Less than a week ago, they began offering five of the historic rooms.

Passionate about nature and culture, they named the hotel Senador after his dog and Dupont after the dog of the engineer Wolf that in the book Boris Vian’s Red Grass It guides him in his search for happiness. For more than two years, Demian Gasco and his partner have been anxiously waiting to enter to manage the pieces of the recycled Convent. « The owner brought restorers from Europe, he got original mosaics, everything was left as it was, from the Slovenian oak to the chapel that keeps the figures of the saints intact ”, said Gasco.

Hotels in El Tigre

Spending a day in this Convent that is almost a palace costs from $ 7000 for a double room overlooking the river and garden and on weekends, the rate increases to $ 12,000. It is also available to rent it for parties or business events. The gastronomy is the responsibility of Senador Dupont, the hotel that has been managing this couple of happiness seekers for more than a decade.

In the Gasco family, everyone is an entrepreneur, the great visionaries are Demián’s parents. His mother was the one who discovered those lands in El Tigre and gambled when nobody wanted to go. The same woman who on a vacation in Florianópolis sat on a log to rest and discovered another place that fell in love with her and bought it, today it is an inn run by one of her sons. Her husband was the first to imagine that they could make a hotel in El Tigre. Then he transmitted the passion to his son, who first did not want to know anything, but when he fell in love with Silvina, both did not doubt that this was « his place ». Don Gasco also owns the Dante grill in Boedo, a difficult investment in times of pandemic.

Silvina is the hostess, the one who makes the guests of Senador Dupont’s 10 rooms feel at home. Which organizes the guided visits to the Convent and repeats the stories that it gathered from its inhabitants. Both bet on the Tiger, they organize from dinner show nights and all kinds of adventures and tours to spend a pleasant day one hour from the City of Buenos Aires.