One of the Kardashians appears in the pool, with nothing on top

One of the Kardashians appears in the pool, with nothing on top | AP

One of the best known families not only for being celebrities but also for the controversies in which the members of the same have been involved is definitely the clan Kardashian jenner, one of the sisters appears in the pool without wearing a single article of clothing.

Although it seems something extremely unusual and even scandalous, the truth is that for this famous family it could be considered something of the most normal, for the countless times we have seen them without any garment.

Each and every one of the members of the family They are great personalities from all over the United States, they have managed to excel in the industry as models and entrepreneurs, especially the two youngest Kylie and Kendall.

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However, on this occasion, the two youngest daughters of Kris jenner leaving his three older sisters Kourtney, Kim and Khloé.

Posing in front of a camera is not complicated at all for the three older sisters, because for years they managed to develop a perfect technique as models, each of them has their own style and they always stand out in any publication in which they appear, especially if it comes to wearing little clothing.

It has been Khloé’s older sister who has shown herself with nothing on her, surprisingly we are not talking about Kim kardashian but Kourtney Kardashian.

Kris Jenner’s first-born daughter was sitting on the edge of the pool, in the picture she is sitting with her back to the camera, although she was covering her charms with her hands, her hair was combed back and a little wet


Kourtney Kardashian is the oldest of the clan, however she was surpassed by her younger sisters in terms of fame and controversy, especially her younger sister Kim, however on some occasions we have had the opportunity to enjoy some images featuring this beauty from 42 years old, who is one year older than the owner of SKIMS.

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In addition to being the oldest, curiously, she is also the smallest, in terms of height, however, this has not stopped her at all and on several occasions she has posed in front of the camera like a diva.

Being a famous Internet personality this beautiful woman is also a successful businesswoman, some of her businesses are in collaboration with her sisters, together with Kim and Khloé they wrote their own bibliography together.

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It is said that this one-meter-55-centimeter beauty receives most of her income through her social networks, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, only in the Instagram application she has 134 million followers in addition to 4,192 publications.

Currently the flirtatious businesswoman is in a relationship with the drummer of the group Blink 182 Travis barker, with whom she has been dating for some time, without a doubt she is fascinated by blond men with colored eyes since her ex-partner and father of her children Scott disick it also had these characteristics.

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It is said that Kourney unlike her sisters has not undergone certain aesthetic adjustments throughout her life, despite the fact that her sisters have made really drastic changes especially Kylie Jenner the youngest of the clan.

In addition to Kris’s first-born, Kendall Jenner also seems to remain with her face and natural figure, of course some arrangements are not ruled out that perhaps could be the least, despite this, these could not be immediately noticed as those of her sisters .

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