One of the iPhone 13 from 2021 could arrive without a charging port

In the past few months, we have not only seen rumors about the iPhones that were going to come out this year. Thanks to analysts like the well-known Ming-Chi Kuo, we have had the opportunity to meet what awaits the line in the future. And among the most outstanding news, could be the disappearance of the Lightning port.

MagSafe iPhone 12MagSafe charger in iPhone 12

To be honest, there are many who want this port to disappear at once. Users hope that Apple will finally make the jump, across all its devices, to USB-C. However, the company is not for the work. In fact, they are going to make an iPhone without a Lightning port does not mean that it will have USB-C.

Apparently, Apple would be working on an iPhone model that would be completely devoid of physical ports. Not Lightning, not USB-C. With this, the company wants to bet the maximum on the possibilities of wireless charging technologies, which have been polishing with improvements such as the renewed MagSafe.

As we mentioned at the beginning, this was commented on in one of Ming-Chi Kuo’s reports at the end of 2019. And this time, has been leaker Jon Prosser the one who has brought up this Cupertino project again. Of course, without many more details about it compared to what Kuo already indicated in the past.

MagSafe Duo chargeriPhone 12 and Apple Watch on MagSafe Duo charger.

As indicated by TechRadar, Prosser has used one of the videos on his YouTube channel to present this leak. With this, it would only confirm the suspicions that already arose in the past, making it clear that one or more of the iPhone 13 they would no longer have a Lightning port.

Unfortunately, it is not clear which of them will be the one to make the jump. Some indicate that iPhone Pro Max could be the first “lucky guy”, with Apple’s tendency to bring its big hardware changes first to larger devices. However, we cannot help but think how useful such a change could be for the mini model, which could reduce its size even more.

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In any case, we will still have to wait a while to find out if these rumors finally come true. Again, and as we always indicate, it is necessary be careful with rumors, since the final products could be very different from what is indicated by this information.