One of the cartoonists of Dragon Ball Super published a video in which he turned these animals into Super Saiyajin

Yuya Takahashi, who collaborated on some chapters about the end of the Dragon Ball Super anime, posted the comic video on his Twitter.

Who are fans of Dragon ball know the seriousness, work and training that is needed for a being to become Super saiyan. For years we saw how Goku trained tirelessly until he succeeded during the arc of Freeza, in Z. So after that you just have to sit back and enjoy all the blast of power that follows.

For the cartoonists who collaborated on this design, there are few things more epic in the series than this transformation. To this day, millions of fans around the world seek to draw any character with yellow hair and transformation.

They do it with the same characters in the series who are not Saiyans. And sometimes they go further and invent a crossover. The reality is that they are quite fun and they serve to let out a laugh and disconnect for a while from everything.

Super Saiyan Cats

But this FanArt he went a little further than everyone for two special situations. The first is that he gave Super Saiyan powers to two animals, some cats. And the second is that it is not just any fan who did this. Was the same Yuya takahashi, who collaborated animating several final chapters of Dragon Ball Super, the anime.

The Super Saiyan cats recreate what would be a fight between Bills (for his purple Ki) and Goku, we suppose, for the typical yellow Ki of the transformation.