One of the big German newspapers points out the “defect” of what Pedro Sánchez has done

Pedro Sánchez, on June 16. (Photo: .)

The Süddeutsche Zeitung, one of the best-selling newspapers in Germany, has assured that the government’s pardons to the prisoners of the procés are a “declaration of love” by Pedro Sánchez for Catalonia, but warns that this has “a defect”.

The newspaper assures that, ironically, this decision is considered unacceptable both for the conservative opposition and for the independentistas “whom Sánchez wants to appease with his concession” because they do not consider them sufficient and compare them to “a handout.”

“Not even those who get out of jail are really grateful for the act of grace. In any case, former politicians, some of whom are high-ranking, do not show any remorse for their actions, “explains the German newspaper, noting that the widely conflicting positions show how” traumatizing the events of the autumn were. 2017 ″. For this reason, he stresses that “reconciliation is very necessary here”

The Süddeutsche Zeitung is surprised that Sánchez is holding “amazingly firm” despite numerous criticisms, even from his own party, and calls his appearance “messianic” Monday at the Lyceum Theater.

“A few days ago, the socialist received unexpected support from the Catholic Church, whose word still carries weight in conservative Spain,” says the newspaper, which also highlights that “Catalan business associations, trade unions and even the Spanish employers CEOE ”support it.

The German newspaper emphasizes that, if Sánchez manages to reactivate the dialogue …

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