BUENOS AIRES – Former soccer player Tomás Felipe ‘el Trinche’ Carlovich, who is considered by some soccer legends as one of the best Argentine players in history, died this Friday at the age of 74 after not recovering from the assault he suffered on Wednesday in the central province of Santa Fe.

“He was our idol. Today we are very moved. I still go to the fields in Buenos Aires and they ask me about him, about things he did 40 years ago. It was true that he became a myth,” Eduardo Bulfoni told Radio2 AM1230 , President of Central Córdoba, team in which ‘El Trinche’ Carlovich became an idol.

The former midfielder was admitted to intensive care and induced coma after being hit in the head by a young man who stole his bicycle last Wednesday in Rosario, his hometown.

The Brazilian star Edson Arantes do Nascimento, considered by many to be the best player in the history of football, commemorated on Tuesday the 108 years of Santos, the club where he achieved world fame and the one that “most promoted Brazil around the world”.

“My dad had a new bicycle, but that is no reason to assault him, since four old bicycles had also been stolen from him. Now he is unconscious in intensive care and in an induced coma,” his son Bruno Carlovich had told channel 5RTV.

Carlovich is considered an emblem of Santa Fe football despite having played most of his career in lower categories and Diego Maradona recently gave him a shirt with the phrase: “Trinche, you were better than me.”

“The family of soccer / mourning … for the” TRINCHE “… the CRACK …. an urban legend … different / neighborhood soccer … / his way of leaving us = will increase his HISTORY. … DEP “, wrote the soccer exporter Jorge D’Alessandro on Twitter.

The deceased player began his career at the end of the 1960s, in the lower ones of Rosario Central, and after a brief stint in Flandria in 1972, he arrived at the club where he became an idol, Central Córdoba, where he was in various stages of his life.

He also went through other teams such as Colón de Santa Fe and Deportivo Maipú de Mendoza.

According to local media, the Rosario achieved recognition during the preparation for the 1974 World Cup in Germany, when the senior team, with figures of the level of Mario Alberto Kempes, played a friendly match with a group of players from Rosario clubs, in which the ‘El Trinche’ Carlovich stood out and his game remained on the retina of the Argentine football imagery forever.

The Belarusian league continues to be the only bastion of European football, the only domestic competition that continues to be active outside the hiatus that affects the rest of the Old Continent due to the coronavirus pandemic.