“One of lime and another of sand”

The famous quotes that we see in the upper right area of our screens (in most cases), in charge of promoting the day and time of the premiere of a program, they have unveiled the logo of ‘Destination Eurovision’. However, the visual composition has not convinced the tweeting community, that called the design a « joke ».

Logo ‘Destination Eurovision 2021’

In an attempt to bring the graphic image of the preselection closer to the badge of the ‘Eurovision Song Contest 2021’, the public broadcaster has reproduced those diagonal lines with a circular arrangement around the name of the contest, using a warm color range in them. In addition, to give the logo more tonality, the colors green and blue appear behind. Nevertheless, this design has not been liked on the bird’s social network.

« One of lime and another of sand »says a tweeter who shares a snapshot of Blas Cantó’s staging with the badge. In fact, many have been those who have referenced to the image of other preselections as ‘Target Eurovision’, in addition to comparing it with the designs of the ‘Melodifestivalen’ or the ‘Festival da Cançao’.

This is ‘Destination Eurovision’

Blas Cantó has in his hand the possibility of bringing the crystal microphone to Spain with « I’m going to stay » or « Memory ». The pre-selection gala allows viewers to vote for one of the two proposals to go to Rotterdam with a novelty: the vote is open to the entire international audience. What’s more, other Eurovision faces will sing on stage like Edurne or Pastora Soler.