One more Rachel McAdams anniversary without Ryan Gosling

One more anniversary of Rachel McAdams without Ryan Gosling (Instagram)

One more anniversary of Rachel McAdams without Ryan Gosling | Instagram

Today, November 17, the renowned movie star, Rachel McAdams turns 42 years old and in the middle of her anniversary we remember one of the most momentous moments of her life and career, her great love with Ryan gosling.

Two of the couples that undoubtedly were in the spotlight when appearing together were Rachel McAdams Y Ryan gosling, same that coincided in the renowned tape “Noa’s diary“which portrays the story of the great love between” Allie Hamilton “and” Noah Callhoun “.

The film, based on the homonymous novel “Nicholas Spark”, had as its main stars these two figures, who fell in love during the filming and even the actor has cataloged her as the “most special woman he has ever met”.

Beyond the recognition that the film meant for the careers of these two actors, which rose in an impressive way after this cinematographic phenomenon, it left as a memory the great story that emerged from it.

The plot still remembered to this day not only shone for the stories of its characters but also for the great chemistry that the protagonists showed.

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McAdams and Gosling shared in their real life something more than their participation in the film and their place of birth, both originally from (London, Canada), fell in love and became the couple of the moment of the glamorous world of cinema in Hollywood.

From hate to love…

The story between the two did not emerge as everyone would expect, at first, the movie stars “did not even support each other”, as detailed by the director of the film in a conversation with the VH1 channel, where he revealed one of the great secrets around the film “The Notebook”, something that nobody could have suspected.

According to Nick Cassavetes, he confessed that “Gosling couldn’t stand McAdams.”

She wanted to be fired from the set and replaced with another actress, at least when reading the scripts since they couldn’t bear to work together.

We went to a room with a producer, they started yelling at each other. Then I left the room, “said the director according to The Huffington Post, recalling that after the altercation they both tried to fix things.

However, after this, the atmosphere improved and the rest is history, according to the director. After almost a year of the recordings, the duo began a love affair that would last about four years until 2007, and in which the idea of ​​a possible even appeared “marriage“.

The news of both their romance and their breakup meant a whole bomb and although there are no official versions about the reasons that led them to the breakup, the truth is that there was a great admiration between them, particularly on the part of Ryan Gosling towards his ex-partner, the protagonist of “Spotlight“Who has expressed himself, was” the great love of his life. “

In an interview for GQ, the “Drive” actor was questioned about his great history with the Oscar-winning actress, on which he showed a similarity between the real and fictional history that they held between them.

People do Rachel and me a favor by assuming we are like the people in that movie. Rachel and my love story are much more romantic than that, “he said about it.

Who is Rachel McAdams?

The actress, originally from Ontario, Canada was born on November 17, 1978, has been nominated for the Oscars, BAFTA and SAG awards.

Her career is made up of participations in Canadian productions and several titles that have given her worldwide recognition thanks to tapes such as Mean Girls (2004) or “The Notebook” in that same year.

Subsequently, other tapes including:

“Red Eye” (2005),

“Wedding Crashers” (2005),

“The Family Stone” (2005),

“Married Life” (2008),

“State of Play” (2009),

“The Time Traveler’s Wife” (2009),

“Sherlock Holmes” (2009),

“Morning Glory” (2010),

“Midnight in Paris” (2011),

“Sherlock Holmes: Shadow Play” (2011),

“Matter of time” (2013),

“Spotlight” (2015), among others.

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Actual life

Currently, they reveal that her life takes place in her place of origin in Canada, she is the mother of a male fruit of the relationship with Jamie Linden, her current partner with whom she apparently was expecting her second child, news that the same famous confirmed this 2020.