A study carried out by the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI) revealed that one in five patients hospitalized for coronavirus died, and that one in three showed respiratory difficulties.

The study had data from 12,213 patients who have been hospitalized, 604 researchers and 109 hospitals from different communities. The Community of Madrid contributed almost a third of the cases and is the largest clinical repository in Spain for this disease.

The mean age of the patients is 69.1 years, and 56.9% of them were men. 86.2% of patients had fever upon arrival at the hospital and 76.5% cough. Loss of smell and muscle pain were less common than in other countries. The most frequently detected simultaneous diseases were hypertension (50.2%), dyslipidemia (39.7%) and diabetes (18.7%).

Preliminary results of the first large national multi-center clinical registry on coronavirus showed that 31.5% of the admitted patients developed respiratory distress, and that 21.1% died. In addition, the mortality percentage is higher at older age, reaching 42.5% between 80 and 89 years.


85.7% of patients hospitalized in Spain have received hydroxychloroquine and 62.4% lopinavir / ritonavir., according to the study ‘Clinical characteristics of patients hospitalized with covid-19 in Spain: results from the SEMI-COVID-19 Network’, prepared by SEMI and published in ‘medRxiv’.

Factors that suppose differences

Demographic factors, age or areas with the highest health pressure they suppose differences in the mortality by coronavirus, according to indicates a registry of the SEMI. This registry will show which treatments are more effective and in which patients work better.

“The clinical record allows us to know what are the most frequently detected comorbidities among Spanish patients with COVID-19, compared to patients from other countries, as well as what are their most common symptoms upon arrival at the hospital or what have been the abnormal values detected, more usually, in laboratory tests, “reported Dr. José Manuel Casas.