One death confirmed for the third season of Titans

The third season of Titans will welcome more characters, but it will also mark the demise of others, even some who did not make it to appear.

Titans has given life to several of the most popular young characters in the world. DC Universe. Thus, in the same way, others not so new, but legendary, have been added, such as Batman or the villain Deathstroke. This has caused all the attention around the show to increase little by little. Now, waiting for the premiere of the third season, new faces will be seen that will further enrich the story.

One of those that will arrive is Barbara gordon, yes, the first Batgirl. However, it is not expected Savannah welch, the actress who will interpret it, put on the suit, since it will be seen in a wheelchair, as in much of the comics.

The artist revealed much of the plot behind her character, including a surprising fact: the death of James Gordon. The news caused a commotion, as it totally blocks the appearance of the police commissioner of Gotham in the program.

“I mean balance, but the fun part is incorporating things about this character that we know and then what are the ways that we can embellish him or bring more background to this character and who he is and why. I’m just giving body to that story. There were a lot of conversations with the writers and the showrunners. She is tough. She is tough. She is in this new position of power, assuming that position after her father passed away. There is a bit of pain in that, ”he said.

One death confirmed for the third season of Titans

A new love

On the other hand, the interpreter revealed some details of the relationship that will develop between her and Dick grayson.

“There is also a true sense of purpose and what is driving that for her. I can only ask the questions and find that balance between this woman that people want to be kind of a boss and really cool, but also [encontrar formas] that it is vulnerable. What are those kinds of pain points for her? It is interesting. I think we all have ways that we can really be very tough, but there are certain people who have our hearts or who can divert us from that game. I think Dick Grayson is that to her, ”he added.

The third season of Titans will be released on August 12, giving the official goodbye to Netflix and waving to HBO Max.

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