The repercussions for the murder of George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American, suffocated by a white police officer from Minneapolis, crossed the borders of the protests of the African-American population, where last night there was a death and today new protests in New York, in a spiral of repudiation against police discrimination in which sports, culture and journalism figures were involved.

This afternoon, a hundred people demonstrated in Union Square, in Manhattan, with chinstraps for the coronavirus and posters of repudiation of the murder of Floyd, closely watched by dozens of police.

From there they went through several streets of the city to the cry of “I can’t breathe”, which was what the victim said under the policeman’s knee, and demanding justice.

American photographer Steve Mc Curry, famous for the 1984 photo of a 12-year-old Afghan girl, Sharbat Gula, in a refugee camp, posted on Twitter today a photo of Floyd with the caption, “Global outrage continues as that people learn about the murder of an unarmed black man in Minnesota. His name was George Floyd. “

Former basketball player Earving “Magic” Johnson, too, was blunt in stating today that “Minneapolis police clearly murdered him.”

“Murdered black men have long been seen on TV. It is time to start considering people of color as human beings and not animals,” the former Los Angeles Lakers base wrote on Twitter.

Another NBA and Los Angeles Lakers star, Lebron James, published yesterday a split photo in which on one side you can see the moment when Floyd is suffocated by the white police officer, and on the other Colin Kaepernick, the player of American football that, in protest of racial discrimination, knelt when the National Anthem was played before a game, and that it was never again signed by any team.

“Get it now? Or is it still not clear to you? ā€¯Finished the basketball player in his post.

After the arrest video went viral last night, in which Folyd is clearly heard telling the police officer that he was crushing him to the ground that he couldn’t breathe, there was a strong protest near the South Minneapolis police station, Minnesota state. , with looting of nearby stores and burned barricades in the streets.

In that setting, another man was shot dead, and soon the police reported that death as a homicide and said they had a suspect in custody, although they were still trying to determine the circumstances that led to the shooting.

Local television channels showed aerial images showing protesters concentrated in the streets near the police station and some entering and leaving the nearby stores.

When it got dark, a fire broke out in an auto parts store, which was quickly controlled by firefighters and protesters set fires on the street.

Officers surrounded the compound but did not intervene.

Police spokesman John Elder said officers responded to a call for a stabbing but found a gunshot wound upon arrival, CNN reported.

The victim, whose name did not reveal, was pronounced dead in the hospital and the suspect was taken into custody while the facts are investigated.

It was the second night of protests since the death of Floyd, whom police were seeking to arrest on Monday after he was denounced from a grocery store for paying with fake money.

In a video taken by a passerby, the officer is shown kneeling on Floyd’s neck for almost eight minutes until the man finally stopped responding.

The episode is reminiscent of the death of Eric Garner in 2014, a fact that sparked massive protests across the country from the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

On this occasion, a white agent shot Garner in a strangle for selling loose cigarettes on the street.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey today called on citizens to remain calm.

“Please, we cannot let tragedy breed more tragedy,” he wrote on Twitter.

The officer charged with Floyd’s death was fired together with three colleagues on Tuesday, and Frey requested that he be criminally charged.

Protesters also protested outside the officer’s home on the outskirts of Minneapolis last night and at the home of Hannepin County District Attorney Mike Freeman, with no reported incidents.

While the protests were unfolding near the police station, the police chief, Medaria Arradondo, promised justice in an interview with the KMSP-TV channel and stressed that an internal investigation was opened and that the FBI is also investigating the case.

“Justice historically has never come to fruition through some of the acts we are seeing tonight, whether it be looting, damage to property or other things,” he warned.

In addition to Minneapolis, some protesters mobilized in California and blocked a Los Angeles freeway and smashed the windows of some police cars.