One dead and several injured in a shooting in Texas

The wounded, including one seriously, have been transferred to hospitals, while the perpetrator fled, reported the chief of Police of that town, Eric Buske, according to the media.

Police suspect that the attacker is an employee of a cabin manufacturing company, which was the scene of the shooting.

Later, in a nearby area, the police detained a person after he opened fire on an officer.

Authorities said the two incidents could be related.

Precisely this Thursday, the president of the United States, Joe Biden, announced a series of measures of limited scope to tackle violence with firearms in his country, and demanded that Congress stop tolerating a problem that he described as an “embarrassment to international level”.

Two weeks after the mass shootings that left 18 dead in Georgia and Colorado, Biden unveiled several initiatives to contain gun violence, but acknowledged that he will not be able to do much on his own if Congress does not stop blocking any attempt to increase control of pistols and rifles.

“Gun violence in this country is an epidemic. And it is an international shame ”, denounced Biden.

The president recalled that every day 106 people die from firearms in the United States, every month there are 53 femicides committed with pistols, and that armed violence “impacts much more on the black and Latino population.”